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9/12/2018 c17 7lazarus wolf
How dare you write a well crafted, carefully composed, heartfelt (AND properly spelled) story. humanizing an all to often mono-dimensionalized, well armed object of immature male lust!
It is people like YOU who are raising the bar of tolerance, and class!
9/4/2018 c17 Guest
Please please tell me you are back for a while! I've missed your writing so much and with sottr coming up it would be amazing if you manage to concoct up another short series of lara/Sam, maybe even continue this
8/10/2018 c17 Trigger Fingers
What a lovely surprise! I've missed this series. Slow dancing scenes are a soft spot of mine, they're just so sweet. I'm going to pretend this is what happened at Sam and Lara's graduation party and Square Enix can't stop me haha.

Also, excellent song choices :)
8/9/2018 c1 TombRaiderCN
To Glee or whoever you are, if you don't like this type of fanfic then simply don't read them, people like you are the real trolls who make this community so toxic! pfangirl is NOT the problem, YOU are, grow the fuck up please!
8/9/2018 c17 Glee
When I called you toxic in the community I didn't just mean you you're a part of the toxic crap going on in Tomb Raider with that nasty piece of work km the queen b**** of all trolls and the one who started the toxic community she's heading it you're a part of it and you're writing trying to cram Lara as a lesbian down everyone's throat is disgusting and you know it exactly the community is divided now thanks to people like Kelly and you and the rest of their ilk you guys are the reason for this conspiracy that's going on within the community all of you are the central hub and the reason for the toxicity in the fandom stop hating Stop attacking bullying harassing stop turning classic fans against contemporary fans leave the community if that's all you are good for crap! Yep I am attacking you now because I've seen this phone going on for a very long time I like to play the games I like to join the fandom be on the forums until horrible people garbage like you guys showed up I won't play games online anymore unless I'm with my personal friends I still love Tomb Raider I'm just glad I don't have to deal with garbage like you on a daily basis in the franchise that would be a nightmare I I'm sickened for what they have to go through that includes people that run fan sites and Crystal Dynamics staff as well they must really put up with a lot of s*** from you jerky horrible trolls I'm not naming you all here just you and that other idiot you are all disgusting and you really earned this comment
8/9/2018 c17 2eclipseraider
Beautiful as always. Life-affirming, delicate, honest...my heart longs for what could have been.
8/8/2018 c17 Glee
I find it gross how you are always so angry about how sottr wont have stupid Sam. Get over it. They parked her character moron. Your little stories living your fantasy are pathetic at best. It is not even convincing writing. All it is, is nasty leso dreams. If you hate Tomb Raider so much because Lara is not screwing Sam, then get lost. These stories and people like you are part of the toxic elements of the fandom. Haters sick minded idiots!
8/8/2018 c17 Ooka08
Glad you re back !
8/8/2018 c1 Beli-cosa
I'm never goona look the T-word without a romantic context XD now I LOVE it! I blame you! Yeah TLOU2 is blameable but YOU fired it through my skull!
8/8/2018 c17 9The Demon's Reflection
I always find these reimaginings of one scene in another franchise rather fascinating. Nice job.
8/7/2018 c17 anon049
Wow an update. Just to let you know, however badly the game's writing deteriorates, yours make up for it. Most of what I know about Lara and Sam are from non-canon stories, so there's that. And The Last of Us is amazing. The writing there is on-point, and it looks like Part II will be great too. It's cool that you merged these two universes, even if it's just for setting inspirations.
8/7/2018 c1 112Kahli Hime
Okay, now I read your AN for chapter 17! Now it makes perfectly sense to me hehe
The scene was greatly inserted in your one shot. Thanks for writing :)
8/7/2018 c17 Kahli Hime
You know what's interesting? This reminds me a lot about the TLoU trailer for the next game... this "terrifying" speech, it sounds very much like the dance floor scene with Ellie and her girlfriend...
6/7/2018 c13 1Demented Noodles
I just realized that Amanda was perhaps a nod to the old Lara Croft games? I haven't played much of the old ones. I kinda feel bad for her, she's right this time too. Lara is going to find out the hard way later, anyway. And Lara really is too good for this particular Sam. Let's hope she can redeem herself!
6/7/2018 c12 Demented Noodles
Ah! the reconciliation! That was a relief, a real testament to your writing that you can have the reader engrossed in so completely! Great job again!
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