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3/15/2019 c9 misami chan
Wow! This story was awesome
And i actually write stories but not in public
And i m from philippines we understand english at all
8/12/2015 c14 COOKIE-CHAN
6/22/2015 c2 Guest
The aphrodi story is a bit confusing for me though,hehe
5/25/2015 c1 Saku-Kinsheky
Hey i wanna ask you something
Can i traduce your history
Im from mexico and i read all in english, and understand almost everything but i think im good enough
Of course im gona say that you write everything
But is so cool the history and theres peploe who would like to read but...its in english so thats gona be something nice for them
What you say?
4/13/2015 c13 1Fierce Moon
I get the shit! (Sorry for tha word, it's my persona sorry...) I know who you are! I just discovered! Well... Okay, I don't know who you are in real life but I do know who you are on Quotev!
Now I only need to remember your username on there... *goes to and looks at the stories she favourited and seeks the one called "Your special story" and smiles* I found you, Crazy Soccer Chick... Haha, you're actually one of my favourite users of Q, although we never talked or chatted, maybe through a comment of my story or yours.
On my book of one-shots you requested your husband (Gouenji), and in your book of one-shots I requested for someone.
*grins* Now you would want who I am. Not gonna tell, I'll gave you some hints too, so that if you would want to know who I am you should note them down...
Extra hint: you can relate me too the moon, the clouds and the wolfs...
4/13/2015 c5 Fierce Moon
Man! Re-reading this still makes me feel the same when I read them the first time.
And as for your author's note, I actually still remember that day lol, I remember I went to a bar (don't ask how I agreed to go) and I was for Argentina, of course. I would be for my fellow language speakers (lol that sounds weird).
Ps. I'm not from Argentina but from Spain. But the language is practically the same ()
10/29/2014 c13 I like tortoises
Aww! That's sad! Q_Q Well, at least you'll be staying! By the way, I'm Jade-chan! I just changed my pen name again.
I have a quotev account. My name there is 'Princess Silverli' and yours is Crazy Soccer Chick r-right?Yeah, I think it was. Anyway! I'll be reading this there! xD
10/29/2014 c13 3XxMiwaXx
Oh dang. That sucks. ; A ;

I really liked this story!


What's your username for Quotev so I can follow you?
10/29/2014 c12 8Lotus Sword
How do you know that you're officially late to review a story? When the next chapter's already up. Hehehe, sorry, Ajla-chan. I hope you don't mind this lateness of mine!
Haha, I can totally imagine how Tenma feels. The pressure, the nerves, the awkward clumsiness... it's too much, TOO MUCH I TELL YOU! Ahem, just ignore that, please! :p

Too bad you're gonna stop writing on FFN. :( I don't think I'll join Quotev anytime soon, but who knows? Maybe I'll join some day and I can read more of your reader-inserts. As for now, good luck with writing! :)
10/27/2014 c12 1Fierce Moon

*blushing like a tomato*
This is... AWESOME!


*taking a DEEP breath*
I only can say one thing... I Am really happy to know that you came back. I really needed to disconect from the real world and blush, laugh...
In conclusion... keep up with this awesome job. ;)
10/26/2014 c12 aniky20
Poor Tenma! If I were him, I'd be very nervous as well... but everything that he happened... it's embarrasing... Very good job :D Keep it up! :D
10/26/2014 c5 Seiren-dit-pity
OK, I suppose you know why I'm reviewing this, so let's get this out of the way:
- Reader inserts are forbidden

OK, I also did read a chapter (not Tenma, that's too much to ask), but what a surprise, Kidou. XD

First, I liked the title of this chapter, totally realted to the main character. I also like the fact that you portray him as "being official". However, he doesn't strike me as the type to officialize having sex with his girlfriend (too discreet and polished to do that... that would be more of a Fudou bragging trait).

But he would be the one to make their engagement official, I'm surprised you didn't use that as an alternate ending (and Fudou would be p*ssed of course... Why is he even here?). I would have liked to see the reader's reaction to the proposal.
Also, it is a little premature (and medically complicated if not impossible) to predict the gender of a 2 month-old fetus.

I believe the narrative at the beginning was akward. You have Kidou phone Sakuma, and immediately after, you have the words "your life". I know you meant those words to refer to the reader, but as only Sakuma is mentioned, those words can be attributed to him. That is confusing. One more reason to give up readerXcharacters.
9/23/2014 c11 maaya
Hey pls write one for kirino ,how can u not
9/19/2014 c11 2Hinano Kinsuke
You hate Sakura? Then you're not the only one.

By the way, the author you've mentioned about earlier sounds tad familiar... I wonder who she is. But whatever it is, thanks to you for writing this brilliant piece of work, and thanks to her for requesting!

On to the review,
Yes, yes, I was screaming 'YES' as I neared to the ending of this chapter. How does it feel, beyotch?! Yes, my future husband's a SAMURAI. Got anything else to say about it?

But then again, I have to accept the fact that he's sick. The real Okita Souji died at 25, so we have to assume that this Okita Souji died young too. I like all fictional Okita Souji's from Hakuoki to Inazuma Eleven to this wonderful fanfiction of yours! Ajla, I love you! Weee, yes, I love you!

I am truly sorry for the late review... Life's being cruel. But that's not gonna change my love for you. :)

Thank you again, darling!
9/13/2014 c11 8Lotus Sword
Aaaw, this was so sweet. You are very poetic, do you know that? The metaphores you use and the situations you describe are really good! :D
Just be sure that you don't use them too much, for the story can get a little wordy if you do. This one was just nice, however
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