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6/28/2014 c1 52Schlaf
Uwaaah, interesting! I'll submit an OC!

Name: Ochitsuka Mizu

Age: 12

Appearence: She has curly black hair, dark brown eyes, pale skin, and chubby cheeks. She's wearing a knee-lenght Light Slate Grey medieval dress with Snowdrop patterns on it, black boots, and Violet Blue cloak

Personality: Shy, polite, and...a bit myterious. But once she talks openly to you, she is very nice and friendly! Sometimes she is cold and mean. Easy-going, a bit more mature for her age, a good listener, love to helping each other, not easily tempted or trust people, and a bookworm. When she's mad, she will show her Yangire side.

Flaws: Dust, ghost, sometimes naive or a bit too innocent

Birthmark: Fire

Position birthmark on the body: Behind the left shoulder, near the neck.

Element district she is currently staying in: Earth

Occupation: Fortune Teller

Can she fight: Yes

If yes, does she use a weapon or is she a mage: She is a mage. Don't be fooled by her age, because she is strong enough to use difficult spells.

Does she join the resistence group: No, she doesn't.

Is she allowed to die: It's your choice, Mamera-senpai ;)

Crush: Suzuno Fuusuke/Gazel

Does she have a past: When she was 10 Y.O, her parents divorced and she decided to go with her father to stay in Earth kingdom (her father is Earth, and her mother is Fire). Her father teach her how to see the future. She started being a fortune teller when she was 11 Y.O, because she enjoyed it.

Extra information:
1. Her father is a famous Fortune Teller and mage, so he teach his daughter to see the future, also teach her how to cast spells (especially a difficult one)
2. If someone asked about her family, she just answer "I'm just a child from a broken family"
3. She likes Rain, Snow, snowstorm, and Snowdrop flower.
4, She HATES accecories and anything with Pink, because that's too girly (and becuse she is a tomboy, haha)
6/28/2014 c1 xoxo-vanilla
Name: Kusuhara Mizuki

Age: 15 y/o

Appearance: Mizuki has back length brown hair that usually tied into a left side braid and sapphire eyes. She stands at 5'6" and her skin is peachy. She usually wore a medieval silk blue&gold dress and flats, sometimes she also wears a dark turquoise hooded cape.

Personality: Mizuki is a very nerdy girl. She likes to read all the time. She's always shy, and doesn't talk much, but she's very understanding and willing inside. She trusts people easily, and is very gullible. She's innocent, and is hardworking. She's respectful always to elders. She likes to comfort people, because they give her smiles in her face. As you know, she really likes smiling. She's very smart and will turn serious if it comes to studying and working. She's trustworthy, and she can keep secrets well. She listens to her brother too much. She's quiet, but she smiles a lot. She's not sarcastic, but witty. She's slow in capturing the main concept of something, despite her being smart. Mizuki doesn't get angered or jealous easily. She's sneaky and secretive, and when she's angry, she'll be a monster. She'll throw things she sees ( which is bad ) and she'll throw out witty comments. She's very stubborn as well. She doesn't want people to force her to do something she doesn't want to do, and will do everything just to make that person stop forcing her. She's greedy sometimes, especially with food. Despite being a composed girl, she's really impatient. She's graceful in her own ways, yes, but when she's waiting, you can't let her wait long. She'll become angry and you know what happens when she is. Mizuki's also a little too honest for anyone's liking sometimes, thus, she's often called 'ocg' by her members. OCG stands for over critical girl. She often laughs at it a lot, since she knows her members are just joking. She can understand politics well. She can
be bright and chirpy when she wants to be, but most of the time she's quiet and only smiles wide. She can boast lots to her members- which is another trait they don't like, by the way- and knows that she isn't humble, but doesn't try changing it. She likes the way she is now- quiet, secretive, overcritical and just boastful.

Flaws: gullible, innoncent, impatient, and witty

Birthmark: water

Position birthmark on the body: lower part of her left side back

Element-district she is currently staying in: Water

Occupation: a random citizen

Can she fight: yes.

If yes, does she use a weapon or is she a mage: she is a mage. But she only knew basic spells since she is still count as an apprentice.

Does she join the resistance group: no, she doesn't

Is she allowed to die (I want to have some deaths in my story. If everybody says no, I will choose randomly who will die): well, this is your story. So, I allowed it ( though I don't wanted to inside, but... Bleeh... )

Crush: Fubuki Shirou

Does she have a past: Mizuki's parents died when she's only 4 so she doesn't remembered well how they died. She adopted by Kusuhara Nadeshiko, a mage who teached her magic when she is 6.

Extra information: Nadeshiko is a mage but also a florist in Water district
6/28/2014 c1 29Swag Giraffe
Sugoi, Dewi-san, this is soo cool! Here is my OC to aid Mamera in her quest. :)

Name: Inoshishi Chikai

Age: 15

Appearance: Chikai has auburn hair that hits just past her waist and is naturally curly. She usually wears it down or in a single braid down her back. Her eyes are hazel, a swirl of brown and green, and she is five feet and seven inches tall. She has a slim, fairly feminine body and very pale skin. Her dress is forest green, reaches her ankles, and has leaf patterns on it. She has a silver belt that hangs on her thin hips and brown leather boots. She wears a light green crystal around her neck on a chain.

Personality: Chikai is very sweet and caring, loving to nurture others. She loves having friends, but most of the time is too shy to approach new people. At first, she seems reserved and quiet, but once you get to know her, you wonder how you ever thought that at all. She's rambunctious, sarcastic, sweet, funny, and loves to tell jokes, corny or not. Always sensitive to others, she's very tactful, and knows how to take a verbal beating. Not very physically strong, she makes up for it emotionally, a very sympathetic person. If you're hurt, she feels pain, if you're upset, she cries. Loves being around people, and is always sad if someone doesn't like her. When she is scared, she likes to have people around, as it helps her feel comforted. She is a very graceful person, but somehow is still a klutz, often tripping over her own feet, stairs, and many other things. She is a very peaceful person, who hates it when anybody argues or is upset, and can't stand violence (well, except when she threatens people…). Sometimes playing herself dumber than she is, she is a really sharp and bright girl, but doesn't always show it. Loves to call people (something) McGufferson. (i.e. Silly McGufferson, Cranky McGufferson, etc.) She also trusts people far too easily, and is excessively loyal. Can be stubborn. She’s a bit of a pushover, which results in her getting bullied a lot, but for some reason, if someone messes with one of her friends, she is on instant defense and stands up for them. (Phew, that was long. xD)

Flaws: Thunderstorms, goats, bees/wasps, the dentist, failing/messing something up.

Birthmark: Earth

Position birthmark on the body: Under side of the left wrist

Element-district she is currently staying in: Earth

Occupation: She is an errand girl for the local shop owners.

Can she fight: Yes

If yes, does she use a weapon or is she a mage (detailed answer, please): She uses knives, both large and small, and throwing knives. Her knives are silver with black handles.

Is she allowed to die?: Well, I would prefer not... but it's your story, so whatever you want! :)

Crush: Midorikawa Ryuuji-kun! xD Heehee.

Does she have a past?: Well, a little. Her father was an air type, and her mother was an earth. She had a little brother, who was born a fire type, but he died from influenza when he was six, and she was ten. She misses him terribly, and always endeavors to make people smile, because he was a very sunny little boy who loved everyone, and always made them smile.

Extra Information: Her mother's name is Akisora, and her father's name is Hiro. She no longer lives with them, she lives on her own, and they moved back to the fire district.

There she is. I hope you like her, Dewi-san! :D Just PM me if you have any questions. Looking forward to your story! :)
6/28/2014 c1 lou-haru
Hey Mamera-san! Seems you have a new fic! Interesting too! I'll submit my OC!

Name (last, first): Fujisaki Miharu

Age (12-18): 14

Appearance (try to use medieval clothes): she wears a white polo shirt with a brown vest, black pants(or was it called leggings in medieval...?) brown boots

Personality: she's mostly a calm collected person, she's also nice and at times sly too

Flaws: she tends to sleep a lot when she has free time. And she's a my-pace kind of person

Birthmark (element you were born with): wind

Position birthmark on the body: right hand

Element-district she is currently staying in: wind

Occupation (knight at the castle, baker, random citizen, etc.): blacksmith

Can she fight: yes

If yes, does she use a weapon or is she a mage (detailed answer, please): she wields two swords

Does she join the resistance group: no

Is she allowed to die (I want to have some deaths in my story. If everybody says no, I will choose randomly who will die): uhhh,

Crush (Be quick. First come, first served) (NOT AVAILABLE CHARACTERS: Gouenji, Fidio, Kidou and Endou) (Also, NO GO characters. This is a Normal IE fic): Kazemaru Ichirouta

Does she have a past: she loves with her parents and older brother, her mom taking care of household stuffs, and her dad working as a blacksmith... She and her brother would work/help him though...

Extra information: her father's a blacksmith

You can PM me any questions or yeah...
6/28/2014 c1 17Children of Light
Oh, oh, I'm interested!

Name: Tsukino Yuzuki

Age: 13

She has jet-black hair tied into two high pigtails and brown eyes. She's short for her age and has a childlike build. She dresses in a typical medieval dress for commoners usually, but at work she puts on circus clothes.

Warm hearted and sweet, Yuzuki has a childlike innocence that lets her see the good in everyone.
A happy-go-lucky and childish girl, it's not easy to upset her. In fact, her good mood is often contagious.
A naive girl, she definitely doesn't act or look her age. Flighty and clumsy, not many people trust her with important tasks.
She's extremely superstitious, to the point where horoscope decides everything for her and she would even forget to sleep while stargazing and fortune telling.
She's forgetful, often resulting in important tasks being left aside to stargaze, to the annoyance of most.

Flaws: She's extremely superstitious. She's naive, clumsy and air-headed.

Birthmark: Air

Position of Birthmark: Right shoulder

Element-District: She travels to most of them regularly.

Occupation: She's a circus performer.

Can she fight: She has basic combat knowledge.

Weapon: Throwing knives as they're the only weapons she knows how to use.

Does she join the Resistance: Probably not, but if there's a really good reason to, she will. (To her, a really good reason could jolly well be 'the stars said so')

Death: Well, I would prefer it if she didn't die, but I won't hold it against you if you kill her off.

Crush: Kiyama Hiroto

Past: Her parents were both of the element Air. Abandoned at a young age, she was taken into the circus and grew up in the circus. Hence, she's not afraid of things like fire, knives or wild animals as these are things often seen in the circus. She is terrified of heights, thus she never performs as a trapeze artist, despite her small stature making her suitable for the job. She knows how to throw knives and sometimes performs as the knife-thrower, but is usually a clown or fortune-teller due to her personality. The circus is a travelling one, so she stayed with a few other circus members who were of the element Air in the Air-district until she reached twelve.

Extra info: None.

Is that okay? I hope it is!
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