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6/2 c9 Xenocide250
Your writing is beautiful.
Reading this was a Very Good Choice.
5/30 c1 SpaideZ
Just a Spade casually dropping by
5/19 c9 Xyfa
This is chilling. That ending especially: I can't decide if the implication is that he is going back to dispose of the things that make him care or not.

An excellent read, like all of your work.
5/17 c9 Guest
Fucking bitch. Have your deluded polygamous in your own home whore, not on the internet.
5/17 c9 Bookworm
Great fanfic!
5/16 c9 TheMultiRounderG
Beautiful. Simply beautiful. The ending was masterfully written. Loved it all along.
5/4 c9 7Maxennce
Very interesting story. Glad I made the good choice to read
4/6 c9 7ElouiseRose
I really dont know what to say tho i cant said I love it or hate it but I can say it was short and to the point but also harsh and callous yet draws you in and you cant stop and wish for more.
3/27 c9 Guest
This is so damn good you should try to become a author srsly this is so good
3/18 c9 ImperialProcrastination
Was a good read
3/16 c9 SirchSidhe
Well, here is one version of Harry that probably won't care about living forever, regardless of whether he lives or eventually dies.
Thanks for sharing this story.
2/27 c1 Sein Hall
If the wand is the same as the one in the books, then you'll need to adjust that. His wand was made of holly, which is a wood that signifies care of others. As we can see, Harry doesn't.
2/26 c9 5aceaquila
love love love
2/15 c9 19Sorceress of Magic
That was dark, interesting story
2/7 c9 myownlilbubble
2nd time reading this fic...still savoured every words written...fucking love the way you wrote this fic...very precise and to the point...flowery, literary embellishments was not needed...aptly described...sometimes I just want to read a solid h/hr fic with a tad hint of lemon or lime...so take a bow and catch these upcoming kudos flying your way...

P.s...reading the rabid insults thrown your way for not ending this fic as an exclusive h/hr fic...like...bitch..get a grip!...anyway...you got crazies lurking...i will say a little prayer for u...
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