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for Dear Johnny

10/4/2020 c70 Guest
Come back legend
9/2/2020 c70 inmyvictoryy
I miss reading dear Johnny. It makes happy to see how long it has been going on now for so many years!
9/1/2020 c64 Guest
If you go back and watch the episode where Lana is interviewed as an old woman and it shows her house, you can see that the photograph next to the manic cover says that she was born in August of 1930! Pretty cool. Like Johnny I noticed you never mentioned Lana’s birthday and that has me curious. Dear Johnny is an interesting spin on Asylum and it makes one wonder what Johnny would be like had Lana decided to raise him. I understand the situation she went through was horrific, but I couldn’t help but wish that. He was innocent himself.
8/18/2020 c15 Guest
Was Lana’s mom the one watching her in the department store?
7/9/2020 c70 Sham1986
OMG I just noticed the little thumbnail photo... I can’t 3
5/21/2020 c70 Guest
70 chapters...70?! That’s amazing! Congrats!
5/13/2020 c70 Haily94
this was a nice little chapter!
5/5/2020 c70 Clewis4ever
Thank for blessing us with another chapter queen
5/3/2020 c70 SashaHarman
Ahhh you updated two stories! Thank you thank you!
5/2/2020 c70 peanutduh
Johnny boy is growing up so fast! And no, I didn’t know the happy meal came about in the 70s. I thought that was a thing since the beginning. I really missed reading Dear Johnny, thank you so much for updating. I hope you are finding peace during all of this madness and that you’re staying safe and healthy. Can’t wait to read more of your stories!
5/2/2020 c70 Loganloganpi
This was so good!
5/1/2020 c70 paisleythomp
I have missed Lana and Johnny so you for giving me some much needed content during this craziness!
4/29/2020 c70 Annarozaa
Damn I really miss going to McDonald’s tbh. Sorry, got distracted. I missed this story so much. Crazy to think that he’s about to start school. But then again this story has been going on for a long time so maybe not so crazy! I’ll always love this story. Hands down one of my favorite fics of all time. I hope to read some other updates sometime soon. Stay safe! :)
4/29/2020 c70 Bsmith1996
Oh god, I got so nervous when she lost him!
4/28/2020 c70 Kylievvvv
He’s going to school! That’s so exciting but kinda makes me sad at the same time? Haha even if he is fictional I still very much wish he was still a baby lol. I’m happy to see that you’re doing okay! take care of yourself girlie!
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