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for Dear Johnny

12/10/2019 c69 h2oloverr
that dream hit a little too close to home for Lana!
12/10/2019 c69 hiimolive
Lol of course Johnny causes havoc with that nerf ball!
12/10/2019 c69 Ambyyy
Lana almost exposed the truth about Santa to Johnny! Haha
12/10/2019 c69 Hxlly
his nightmare was very unsettling! Definitely a bad omen in Lana’s case. Thanks for giving us another update!
12/9/2019 c69 Loganloganpi
The ending was very sweet!
12/9/2019 c69 Chelsayy
I think Lana must really like Erin if she keeps thinking of her!
12/9/2019 c69 inmyvictoryy
I get so excited every single time you update! Don’t ever apologize for DJ, or for any of your stories!
12/9/2019 c69 Bsmith1996
Omg poor Johnny! :( I’m glad that Lana and Johnny always manage to find ways to make each other feel better when they each have nightmares of their own. I was nervous when Lana saw a figure standing in the corner of the room! I thought, oh shit someone broke into the house! but of course it was Oliver’s ghost. Or at least, that’s what Lana believed it to be. this was awesome, and don’t ever apologize for this story! No apology needed whatsoever. I’m ready to read some more of nutmeg, the cosmos, and dear mother. I seriously can’t wait!
12/9/2019 c69 hypodermicsally
I love this story! Please don’t ever feel like you need to apologize for this story not being scary. Lana deserves happier times! haha
12/9/2019 c69 SashaHarman
Johnny and that coat! He was so funny. can’t wait to see some more updates! :)
12/9/2019 c69 Sven97Alo
Wow, Johnny had a very good Christmas! I knew that nerd ball was going to lead to trouble. I’m sure receiving all of those toys made him feel a lot better after having such a scary dream. Dreaming in a man in black is very eerie. Sounds too much like Oliver. Ha, I love how in the DF series I’m like “ew omg I hate Oliver” but with Nutmeg I’m like “omg Oliver is so sweet I love him!”. Haha you’ve done a really good job at writing at making Oliver totally different in each story. I can’t wait to see the newest chapter of nutmeg! It’s become one I’ve really looked forward to reading all the time. I’m excited for dear mother and cosmos as well! I miss reading all of them tbh. I’ll be on the lookout!
12/9/2019 c69 Betteanddot52
Johnny is too clever for his own good! Almost had Lana spilling the truth about Santa! Haha. Thank you for updating again! I’m pumped for the next updates! :)
12/9/2019 c69 Nickjrulezzz
A man in black trying to take her? Talk about a bad omen! If only Lana knew who she would meet again someday. Thanks for updating! I can’t to see some new chapters of the cosmos, dm, and nutmeg!
12/9/2019 c69 Kylievvvv
“The king of Candyland”- lol Lana is so cute!
12/9/2019 c69 peanutduh
for a minute there, I really thought someone was standing in the living room with them! D:
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