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7/18/2017 c1 49Ninja Master
Great so far
5/18/2017 c13 1amerdism
Will you be updating again any time soon?
12/21/2016 c14 amerdism
Awesome story, I hope to see more soon, when's the next chapter going up?
10/14/2015 c4 1MochiofDoom
I'm only on chapter four, but I had some nitpicking that I had wanted to point out. It may or may not have already been explained, but I still find odd.
1) Why has Harry's accidental magic not been activated? If a wizard doesn't go to school to control their magic, it becomes extremely out of control. And with the extreme shock that must have come out of figuring out that she was stuck and must kill, I would have thought that SOMETHING would happen.
2) Wouldn't the magical world have confronted the Dursleys by then? With how selfish they are, they wouldn't have hesitated saying anything to them if they got something in return.
Of course, this is me just nitpicking, which I'm really sorry about! I'm an avid fan, having read the books three times over and been doing fandom related things for four years now. I really hope that this story keeps going on the right track though, I'm excited to see how this plays out.
8/1/2015 c1 Trance20666
Looks interesting. Though I know nothing about what you crossed HP with. Is that a Anime? Will the others have Magic or some kind of supernatural powers? The summary kinda made the others sound Muggle.
2/4/2015 c12 TheBadBritKid
Love the story and I love the idea that Harry entered the heat haze! Keep up the good work!
2/3/2015 c14 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story ...
2/3/2015 c14 10ultima-owner
The YouTube channel sounds good
2/2/2015 c14 43ToonyTwilight
Everyone is very much in character here, I wonder what's going to change in the next trial. Celes is very interesting, I can't tell what she is thinking.
1/26/2015 c13 49turtlehoffmann2251
I liked this story even though I originally had not known about Dangan Ronpa. I decided to continue reading it and even researched the story so that I would be able to understand, all because I wanted to be able to continue reading your story.
1/26/2015 c13 10ultima-owner
that is creepy
1/26/2015 c13 43ToonyTwilight
I can't wait to read more of this! I wonder how Asahi will grow as a person by the end of this fic?
Oh are you ever planning on doing a Harry PotterxDanganropa 2 crossover? I feel Harry would fit in well more with the Danganropa 2 cast with his past.
1/26/2015 c12 ToonyTwilight
I like idea 2 and 3. I like how you build the relationships between the characters, will you be hinting at any pairings?
1/26/2015 c13 3Kaioo
poor Asahi.
1/26/2015 c13 IamParadoxic
Good job with the the chapter can't wait for the next one.
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