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for Kira's story of domination

10/15/2017 c57 8TazalTerminals
I know you warned about the cliffhanger but still lol. Dont leave us fans on them too many times bud. XD
Anyway great chapter as always. And from how you left it, curious on how things would play out from there.
9/17/2017 c56 TazalTerminals
Huh. Interesting update. Wasnt exactly expecting what happened but good chapter non the less. :)
9/17/2017 c56 Allyon
Thank you for the update.
8/4/2017 c55 NightFury828
Like the story, want more Miranda though. She is going to be back in future chapters I hope after the whole pregnancy bombshell several chapters back.
7/1/2017 c1 Ayuvii
This needs a beta reader. Good story though.
6/26/2017 c55 1knightsofsprite
Well that was an interesting declaration of
5/28/2017 c54 8TazalTerminals
You know. I never got why ppl read stuff they hated and hated on the ppl who write/make said things. Its like, if you dont like it...then just leave. We dont care if you leave. Uhhh...ppl.

Anyway. Nice update. Wish I could have written a better review but short on time. Hope to see you soon. :)
5/16/2017 c54 2death7559
Critics United is no joke. Harassing people and getting stories and accounts deleted is what they do. I would take all the precautions you can, for all your stories.
4/13/2017 c53 Guest
once you do this one could you do Andromeda next
2/23/2017 c40 shadowl24
You really need to check your work half the time your calling Shepard him
1/24/2017 c52 Shadow dragon
Is there any chance of Kira Shepard turning her daughters into her sex slaves and what about her mother? Please update and continue.
1/23/2017 c52 1knightsofsprite
Damn that sucks
9/25/2016 c50 Ronin Kenshin
totally awesome love this fic great work
9/16/2016 c48 1axissun01
Good chapter only issue is the name john gets used in i assume place of Kira? its also in a couple of the previous chapters as well
9/5/2016 c47 axissun01
Good work i enjoy reading this story as well as the Warlords story wondering if you will at some point add any other female equivalents of liana and eve for other races?
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