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for Kira's story of domination

3/25/2016 c43 Devils rivale
You could try cross over with some space games or movies ad some there elects like the Riddick. Cronicles or gundam?
3/23/2016 c42 akatosh117demon
3/7/2016 c40 12N7 Greek-Valkyrie
Oh wow go on death like missions and now you tell her you are pregnant...this will end with an upset Kira. Also I'm hoping Kira just blows up Cerberus before he develops into what he becomes in ME3.
1/31/2016 c39 firestarter09
doesn't this story you go against fanfiction rating rules, I'm pretty sure it does... but I could be wrong
1/10/2016 c37 Guest
Loved it can't wait for the next chapter
12/12/2015 c37 Guest
Loved it but when will liar a become a slave
12/8/2015 c37 goddragonking
great chapter , love the way this story is going, keep up the excellent work! Keep the good writing and hope for more update soon can't wait to read more)
11/26/2015 c8 Lord of the File
Gotta say, it is nice to have some xxx with a plot. It's a little flimsy but in the end it's only the icing on the cake.
11/8/2015 c1 4ChaosWarPriest
Yeah you screwed up a few times when other characters are addressing Shepard they refer to "her" as "he" just thought I would let you know.
10/31/2015 c36 guest
Doesn't this go against the rules of fanfiction by having some what detailed lemons and stuff not okay for people pretty sure this stuff is ma
10/31/2015 c36 5church2550
I thought Tali said that she wanted a dick in the previous chapter or did she mean it as a joke?
9/30/2015 c35 Guest
Loved it and keep them coming
9/26/2015 c35 9Firestarter09
The only reason I fav this was because I find it amusing as it is a crap fanfic
9/25/2015 c1 CuteAlex
Read first chapter, it keeps switching between refering to Shepard as male or female.
9/23/2015 c8 Hachichiyyin
I don't even
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