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for Kira's story of domination

9/2/2015 c29 28lycan13
I wonder what Kira's puberty ritual was?
8/23/2015 c34 Ablegrim5744
Good story so far. Maybe you could add in Tali.
6/24/2015 c31 jdub1597
The Salarians have he STG (Special Tasks Group) not the SGC (StarGate Command)
Otherwise, nice unit distribution but the humans might need a recon drone or something to match the Cyberarm shield drone and the Neorachni swarmer.
Keep it up!
6/20/2015 c1 cmorristonjr
I like the story so far iv read all the chapters
5/24/2015 c36 Midshipjupiter19
Congrats on starting your Youtube channel I hope it goes brilliantly for you and a Happy Brithday to you and your sister.

(p.s. loving the story btw)
4/9/2015 c34 7Reaper7
Not gonna lie, I was mostly watching this fic for the sex. Glad to see you didn't disappoint.
A few grammar mistakes here and there, but everything's good beyond that.
4/9/2015 c34 baseballarrow
cant wait for more
3/24/2015 c33 Sithdoom
i dont get it people say this is a stolen fic but form whom? also they are GUEST aka people to cowardly to make a account and make these accusations and they also never say where its stolen from so go and do all that guest then maybe well belive ya also dont like? dont read! learn it people
3/8/2015 c31 Guest
Completely ridiculous this story is peverted and promotes disgusting objectification and slavery I hope your whole account gets banned, why? Plagiarism. nuff said
3/7/2015 c31 Guest
Wow this was bad.
2/21/2015 c1 you suck
stolen fic. enough said.
2/8/2015 c1 4McDouggal
Please find someone to beta this. The spelling and grammatical errors are giving me a migraine as I try to force my way through this.
1/30/2015 c1 Guest
Spelling errors but cool story
1/19/2015 c28 Guest
Absolutely brilliant can't wait for you to continue this storyline
12/9/2014 c1 Hachichiyyin
What is this I don't even...
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