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3/18 c40 5Caroline4329
So many years later, still one of my favorite and most memorable Downton stories. I can’t possibly thank you enough for writing this.
10/7/2020 c15 Guest
What a chapter! This was wonderful to read and im actually laughing so much right now this was just perfect hahaahahahaah also the story is amazing! Im so glad ive found it! Thank you for this
7/27/2020 c40 blooming-rosesss
this story is incredible. hands down my favorite matthery fic (and probably my favorite fic overall)!
6/24/2020 c40 2Roses aren't Red 101
What lovely story! Thank you so much for sharing with us!
9/10/2019 c30 ClaireR89
Finally we get a baby

I am sad that we left the plotting and changes to the estate of the earlier chapters. Much more interesting
9/10/2019 c20 ClaireR89
I have been genuinely curious how they haven't had a single child let along a pregnancy scare yet. Especially in the 1910s
9/10/2019 c16 ClaireR89
They didn't have latex/roll on condoms in 1913.
9/10/2019 c8 ClaireR89
Need to cut back on the flashbacks. I'm loving this, getting to know Matthews dad
9/9/2019 c4 ClaireR89
I'm so confused how Patrick and James have so much power besides Lord Grantham being a pushover
6/26/2019 c40 Nienna.Earfalas2
Such a lovely story! I really like it. Thank you for writing this.
6/24/2019 c26 Nienna.Earfalas2
Poor Mary! While I'm pleased she wasn't raped, it's horrific what she went through. That was traumatic enough
6/24/2019 c17 Nienna.Earfalas2
Poor Mary! I'm glad Matthew was able to go after her.

Wait, wait, wait... do you mean to tell me that James and Patrick tried to run Downton into the ground?! Grrr... I'm glad that Matthew is getting so involved.
6/23/2019 c11 Nienna.Earfalas2
I see parallels between Mary and the bird...
6/22/2019 c5 Nienna.Earfalas2
Can I just say that James and Patrick really, really irritate me. James is only the heir, yet he's acting as though he is already the earl. It's maddening. The control they have assumed over the family... I'm not a vindictive person, usually, but I do hope they really did die on the Titanic in your story.
2/16/2019 c40 6jayley
i've been rereading some of my downton abbey favorites from a few years ago and this one's my number 1! i've always loved the part where matthew worked with decoding messages/intelligence. and of course that they realize they're love at the very beginning and the drama happens around them instead of between them!
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