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for The Squirrelflight and Mapleshade Show

6/7/2020 c3 Guest
Wait, why is Stargleam here?
5/18/2018 c4 5Owlsight22
what did I just read?
2/27/2016 c5 leafstar
name:frostclaw personality:kind but has a bad side whenever you annoy her. experience:has worked at fernclouds kit care,yellowfangs hospital and tigerstars jail that any cat rarely gets in to. Pay:1 crow,and 2 birds.
10/13/2015 c21 Hurricanedrift
Hello, it's Yellowfang4ever. Remember me? Anyway, I'm Hurricanedrift now. Anyway, this is a really funny story. Food fights are awesome. Oh, just one thing. In the first chapter, Mapleshade said that she was only doing the show until she could pay for her carpet. Is she still going to do that or as she decided that the Squirrelflight and Mapleshade show is too much fun?
2/2/2015 c21 Yellowfang4ever
Hahaha! No offence, but I can't help notice that Hiddenpool hardly ever gets mentioned...It's still funny though.
12/14/2014 c21 inactive account im sorry
Oh my.
12/11/2014 c9 Starclan of everyclan
MOON X JAY and can you add in BrownStripe in honer of my warrior name
11/1/2014 c20 8CrimsonWarrior9785
You could use Phantomstorm... or Ghostfur. From my show, you know?
10/26/2014 c20 honey frost
ummm... no PJO (acually IDK or care) cause guess who's totally clueless...
you do what ever!
10/26/2014 c19 me agian
10/26/2014 c18 me again u know
10/26/2014 c17 honeyfrost
lolol. i like this
10/26/2014 c16 Honeyfrost
yeah, im hella awesome in this one!
10/26/2014 c15 lol
10/26/2014 c13 honnnnnneyfrost
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