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1/12/2021 c254 Strawberryg0th
I just want to say that I really appreciate how you went about this chapter with the Westley’s grieving or lack thereof. As someone who’s gone through that confusing kind of loss with a parent where you’re not sure if you’re sad or not since they weren’t a very good person entirely, you worded things incredibly well. Dealing with death isn’t always the same and I felt like I could relate so much to this chapter when typically I don’t get to or can’t relate to other work that I’ve read handling a character’s death in this way. I look forward to seeing how Dan and Samantha continue to deal with the loss of their father. Whether they never truly shed tears, I’m sure you’ll get it right. Sometimes it takes time for the grief to finally settle in, and in other circumstances, I’ve even personally felt resentment and anger in my own situation.

It’s kind of like this sense of “how dare this person die on you before you even got to mention all the wrong they’d done and how they hurt you?” An anger that lurks beneath the surface. It’s frustrating and heartbreaking and sometimes the tears aren’t even about the death itself, but grieving what could have been if they had simply been a better person. If they were around more and loved you more and the realization that they’ll never see you graduate or get married or be happy and maybe that’s a good thing because they were an awful person, but you can’t help but dwell on these things.

Ah, Im sorry for rambling but it seems like you struck a chord with me today on this specific chapter. Either way, I know this review doesn’t mean much at this point, but I look forward to seeing how you handle this situation as it means a lot to me.
1/12/2021 c249 strawberryg0th
Hello, I’ve been a reader for a very long time. I started reading DLTD when you were still avidly working on it. I came across it when there was about a hundred chapters or so and even followed you on Tumblr for quite some time. In fact, if I remember correctly, we were mutuals at one point. Recently, DLTD crossed my mind and I came back here only to find out you continued it. I’ve been reading almost none stop for almost a week and have already gotten this far. You’re author’s note really got my attention because as someone who also loves writing and used to post on ao3, I’ve had similar issues. It made me realize that maybe I should start commenting on chapters the way I used to and I figured I’d just say hello. It’s nice to be back, though :)
7/7/2020 c604 Hannahfanbear
I just finished and ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Jim deserves the world, Audrey deserves a hug, and the whole gang just needs a solid high-five. Thank you for writing this and for giving us this beautiful world to dance and get lost in. You're a fantastic writer... now it's on to book 3
7/7/2020 c593 Hannahfanbear
You got me with Finny... I was shook to my core, I even grieved the littlest bit
7/6/2020 c579 Hannahfanbear
Thank you Hate for this amazing fic. I feel off the wagon for a bit, but I think this is where I left off? Anyways, I've always admired your writing style. Thank you for this story and for creating a story that defined most of my teens. I'm excited to get back in the ring and be a ducky again!
2/6/2020 c596 gimme-queer-princesses
The whole "everything is monochrome but their eyes" imagery was absolutely gorgeous. I could see it perfectly! I envy your powers of description...
2/6/2020 c585 gimme-queer-princesses
I've read this chapter before and I really should have only skimmed the end of it again, given that I already knew what was coming and that I'm extremely claustrophobic and my absolute worst fear is being buried alive exactly like this. This is the only chapter, of all the messed up stuff in DLTD, that actually makes me sick to my stomach...

So in other words, it's very, very well written since I currently feel like I'm in the grave with him. Well done.
2/4/2020 c577 gimme-queer-princesses
Damn, Kristopherson is ballsy as fuck... The demonic duo would be proud.
2/4/2020 c573 gimme-queer-princesses
Somehow when it mentioned Alois putting on an apron, I imagined him wearing a Gehennian flag apron...
1/31/2020 c541 gimme-queer-princesses
Ahhhhhh Sebastian showing his "dad side" always makes me so happy~ Old man has gotten soft... I love it.
1/27/2020 c500 gimme-queer-princesses
Baldassare in baseball pants... What a fuckin picture...
I'm dying of laughter it's fineeeee~/
1/18/2020 c110 gimme-queer-princesses
Rereading this and I forgot how BLOODY CUTE THIS CHAPTER IS.
These fucking cute ass lesbians...
7/18/2019 c533 The-Storyteller-Jess
This chapter is one of my absolute favorites, mostly because of the interaction between Ciel and Alois at the end. The frustration of feeling so angry and upset but not knowing how to convey it without lashing out or upsetting the person trying to help you is so relatable to me. I love the frustration from Alois and the concern of Ciel in this chapter so much.
6/17/2019 c249 4Ria1705
So, its kinda like, uhhh, idk, kinda dumb of me to write a review at this point, cuz like im not even halfway through and this book has been finished for a while but, i always feel bad for not reviewing except im never caught up. I just really want to say that this arc with blackwood is really unique and we havent had much like it before in this series and i really love it. I love exploring more in this universe and i can say with confidence at this point that i really really really hate blackwood. I mean, its kinda rude but dan is my baby and he’s being taken advantage of and thats not ok. THANK YOU FOR WRITING SUCH GOOD CONTENT I LOVE OK BYE QUACK QUACK
6/15/2019 c604 11Anjie-Kun
This is the Best Ciel x Alois story [first and sequal] I have ever read which is saying a lot because I usually hate crossover stories with OCs but u managed to turn the Black Butler and HELSING universe into a masterpiece fit to be a series. I loved this story & thank you for writing it.
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