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for The Bitter Hug of Mortality

5/7 c27 Orangerazor
Really enjoyed the story, still hoping for an update in the near future! Hope everything is fine with Covid and whatnot :)
4/16 c23 Egg
I feel bad for harry. You can see he's dealing with most of this alone. I wish someone would truly be there and get through to him.
4/13 c1 Ken kaneki's shadow wolf
Thanks for the slash warning. Not a lot of stories give warnings about it
4/9 c9 poimeme90
ew barty over marcus id rather have marcus than that lunatic lol

also what is the deal with the horcruxes, i thought theyd be more offended that he created one!
4/9 c8 poimeme90
this is a very interesting piece of magic and pretty extensive too! loved this one
4/9 c6 poimeme90
harry and the borthers are so funny lol love them
4/9 c5 poimeme90
lol i love harry's moments even as mundane as selling cake! it's so refresshing!
4/9 c4 poimeme90
marcus flint?! noo wayyy
4/9 c2 poimeme90
poor baby harry but it WARMS my heart that lily CARES FOR harry unlike other fics out there
2/27 c27 Lireanna
please, please, please continue this. I read it a while back, and I check up frequently to check for updates
it's so original and well done. the grammer mistakes are very minor and your plot more than makes up for them. amazing writing style and execution

seriously, I need more please.
2/13 c27 Tar16
I just came across this story and I have loved reading it. Thank you!
Obviously I wish there was more but what I have read so far was very enjoyable. I absolutely love how Harry behaves so differently from everyone else. His entire world IS different to everyone else’s and he comes across as unapologetic about it. I liked that.
1/29 c20 Aausdmr
Another Harry-is-Voldemort’s-Bitch story. I can’t even be bothered to begin trying to comprehend the thought processes behind any of Harry’s decisions. Even more genuinely annoying to read than other Harry-is-Voldy’s-Bitch stories for this reason. Goodbye.
1/25 c27 Guest
Hey I love this story. I am not even sure how many times I have read it. I am waiting for your next update
12/4/2020 c3 3Nopes
So I love the idea of his food coming to life in his hands... but wouldn't Lily and James have noticed that when he was a kid?
12/3/2020 c14 Rossess20
Baron is above Earl. Unless you meant "only" as in alone instead of "just".
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