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for A Guy Named Rich

2/1/2016 c3 Guest
It's been so long since you updated, and that makes me sad because thus was good. I do hope you get around to writing more soon so that I can enjoy this story some more. :)
10/18/2014 c3 45Thalion Estel
GREAT idea for a story! This is hilarious and well written, and I hope you decide to update soon. I really like this story!
10/10/2014 c3 Guest
This is a very funny story so far, please update soon! By the way, Celeborn has a part in Star Wars: The Attack of the Clones. :D
9/11/2014 c3 6EvenstarWarrior
This is really good! It's so uniquely written as well, I've never read any other stories like it! Keep writing, and update soon! PLEASE! :D
9/11/2014 c2 EvenstarWarrior
Whaaa-? Rich is Thorin? No way!
8/28/2014 c3 31Overlord Rousdower
Wow... Gandalf is... different...

*throws self on settee that myseriously appears and chuckles*

I am very interested...


We ignored him, yes, but trusted him.\


Rousy out
8/27/2014 c3 MOSObsessed
8/27/2014 c2 MOSObsessed
Good Job!
8/19/2014 c3 7x beautifully broken x
i like it i hope you write more!
8/11/2014 c3 4biddle29
This is actually really good and really funny! :D I can't wait for the next chapter!
7/26/2014 c3 1Heart breaker99
This is really good please update soon! I just wanted to ask how you got the idea for gandalf actions and the way he reacted.
7/16/2014 c3 2MFriedmanFreak
Fili! Fili! Fili! For a while, I didn't really care. They were both fun. But when I watched Desolation, and the elves kept on pulling weapons off of him, I fell in love. ;) Kili is still up there though.

7/16/2014 c3 18rogue planet 13
Fili! No, Kili! Umm, I don't know. Kili makes such a nice sith.
And great chapter, by the way. No! Gandalf, you cannot leave Star Wars to its fate! -sincerely, a Star Wars fan
7/15/2014 c3 1Shyy-Ra
Eeek, not Galadriel! Something tells me Gandalf will not be much help. XD
7/15/2014 c3 39Lily Lindsey-Aubrey
Fili RULES! He's so much hotter than Kili... Good chapter! Count Dooku/Saruman is trying to take over every fandom? O.o
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