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for 3 Crossroads of Fate

8/5/2019 c1 3LdyJulanna
I read these years ago...however I just re-watched the series and once again it left me wanting so I came to these fics and I truely wish there were more...seriously...;)
9/3/2014 c8 LdyJulanna
Love it Missed this one when I first read the white ball and the island so good Neeeeed more lol wish I could put my thoughts down like that hey whats the deal with Tara ? what does she mean in love with the one man family honor won't allow her to be with ? igotta know lol
7/6/2014 c1 Guest
Oh my! What happened in China to make Peter so somber? Also wondering what the conversation was when he " called " his father after he made it off the island. It doesn't appear to have helped his mood any. And Kwai Chang doesn't seem to have had any better luck. I wonder if he knows he is close? A BIG thanks for continuing this story!
7/7/2014 c4 Roots4Miami
Will have to see if Morris will ever get his act together. Talk about opening mouth and inserting foot, he sure did-wait until he finds out who the "Barbie doll " is. And what is Peter getting himself into in Riverton? LOVE the way Tara is putting Brian Morris in his place. Hopefully he will learn a few things. No! Too bad Jimmy DeMarco didn't follow orders and stay put.
7/7/2014 c3 Roots4Miami
Yes, Peter has changed since he returned. And he should forget the notion that his father is ashamed of him. Sometime father and son Caine need to have a real heart to heart talk! At least he is starting to find out what is making Paul so sick so fast. I hope he's in time to do something. And at last Tara is in Sloanville, but just when Peter isn't! Ahhh!
7/6/2014 c1 Roots4Miami
Oh my! What happened to Peter in China? And is he ever going to make peace with the Ancient? I hope so. And what's wrong with Paul? Kwai Chang doesn't seem to be having much luck either. But I have a feeling he's close and may not know it, or does he?
7/6/2014 c2 Roots4Miami
Goodness, Brain Morris had better get that chip off his shoulder! Ok. it's not New York, but deal with it. Waiting to see what will happen with Bob Callahan. I hope Mary Margaret and Jody will find themselves someone to love and stop waiting on the Caines. And now for the newest member of the 101st.

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