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8/12/2014 c5 10ultima-owner
I can imagine a big floating pile of stuff lost In Between
8/12/2014 c5 6potterinu
The chapter was great but I kept expecting to get to Angelus and then we end right before that instead. Grrrr. Darn you and your interesting story leaving me wanting the next scene really bad. I was also kinda hoping Willow might slap Giles for how mean he was being to Xander. Oh well.
7/28/2014 c4 sarahabruce85
Thank you for another chapter! This is so wonderful! It also has made me re-play Alice: Madness Returns, and want to read the original book again as well. :)
7/27/2014 c4 10ultima-owner
that is powerful drug...nice tea party
7/27/2014 c4 176Firehedgehog
awesome update
7/27/2014 c4 1lordamnesia
Fantastic chapter! I love the interaction with Dru and Spike, that was all Cheshire and fun! Keep up the great work!
7/26/2014 c4 6potterinu
I am really looking forward to how Angelus will interact with Cheshire Xander. Also just an idea but it might be interesting if you had someone come after Xander who is lesser known or even noncannon for his new abilities.
7/24/2014 c3 foxmage
Awesome, please don't stop
7/23/2014 c3 Ashley17
You are awesome. This is awesome. Thankyou thankyou thankyou for posting :)
7/19/2014 c3 potterinu
This is the best Xander based YAHF I have read in ages. I was so happy to stumble upon it. Thank you for making my day. :)
7/17/2014 c3 1lordamnesia
Fantastic as always! I like how Angel (or was it Buffy?) ignored Xander's advice, which would have changed the whole episode! Keep up the excellent work!
7/17/2014 c3 1eyann85
I love that your interpose your take of Btvs in what is actual canon. Joss whedon did awesome work until season , then it was all down hill from there... ( but that is what fanfic is for, to make awesome what is good) as always, love this story, and I love how you've captured Xander's personality ... Kinda puts another spin on his title ' the One who Sees'.

Anyway as always looking forward to more Epic-ness ( and Xander/Cordelia... (The only het pairing I actually really love) )
7/17/2014 c3 10ultima-owner
being possessed is like having some of the more extreme mental problems
7/17/2014 c3 176Firehedgehog
heh eh heh
7/15/2014 c2 sarahabruce85
Loved this so much! So eager to see more, I haven't smiled so much in weeks when reading something! Thank you.
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