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for The Beauty of the Sea

1/15/2019 c19 1MariaPerkyBat
I love the way that I always come back to this fan fiction, and I always cry at the end, happy and maybe even feeling the same love I imagine Sammy did.
5/26/2018 c19 Samara Wynn
coming back to this after many many years was so odd but I still adore this story and it still makes me cry and of course, still makes me daydream and pretend I'm Samantha
12/13/2017 c20 18Oddity Empress
Would there be a possible one shot between tessa and haytham when he was older? Would she even find out about her grandson? All unanswered questions but still a really good story. I enjoyed it and found the way you did the speaking parts different. But i grew use to it after a few chapters
7/12/2016 c19 3JelloJedi
I love this story. The end was so sad and sweet
8/9/2015 c19 pailleemily
wwoww. . I think this is my favorite fan fiction ive ever read! The story is so smooth and accurate and so are the charactars! I got so nervous sometimes I paced around my room XD (p.s. it seems lie a sin to criticize the story I any way but please try to use quotation marks next time lol) YOU ARE AMAZING! <3 <3
2/25/2015 c19 Lord Dream
Your writing -What are you doing? How it should be, "What are you doing?" Fix that, and its good.
2/10/2015 c3 1MariaPerkyBat
The plank? Pirates never, NEVER had planks. You've been watching to many movies.
2/10/2015 c19 MariaPerkyBat
You made me cry! Meanie!
2/6/2015 c19 VarehmaOrander
My heart... it aches om Welp, time to enter a feel train... ChooChooo...
It was so sad :(
Haytham didn't speak more to Tessa before he left?
Aww, I was hoping there would be more mother-son talks especially when he became an adult and after "that" incident.
Still the ending seemed fulfilling in a way, tho you know I would never want the happiness to end :D
Do you know this game called Thief?
I mean the newest one, I love Garrett and it would be interesting to see him more with someone :D
*cough*I'm writing a second fanfiction about him cause I love him*cough* XDD
There is also Shay Cormac from Rogue when it comes to AC, it'd be also interesting I think :3
But that's just my little dreams XD
When you decide on another story and post it I'll be right there to read it 3
2/6/2015 c18 VarehmaOrander
It was so sweet when the reunion happened and Edward was the one be like "Oy, whatcha want?" XDD
Little Haytham is so cute, it's nice that you bonded your character into this :3
Now onto the final chapter! xD
1/25/2015 c19 1Drafgon
... she died from a fall... WHAT NO NO NO NO NO. please, nooo :'( that's too much, couldn't she die peacefully in her sleep? A fall is too harsh, to saddening...
1/25/2015 c19 10TheAssassinGame
I love your story! The ending is so sweet and I love the fact you focused on Tessa's story when she is so briefly mentioned in the franchise, it was so well done. Great work! :)
1/13/2015 c18 1Drafgon
Wait wait wait, her father didn't die? Well frick I'm out 10 bucks
1/3/2015 c17 10TheAssassinGame
Love the story! And while I had my suspicions, it was still such a plot twist that Sam changed her name to THE Tessa Kenway :D I'd love to read an epilogue, perhaps of the night of Edward's death? Or maybe of the night they went to the theatre? But please write more!
12/27/2014 c17 ArisuTamaZuki
i LOVE your story
a os woud be nice
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