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for Arx Domus Nigrae

5/7 c24 1jasnrob
Enjoying your story!
5/7 c16 jasnrob
Love this chapter
4/23 c24 4Rumidha
I have absolutely loved reading this. Your mythology and world building are WONDERFUL, and your romantic scenes are absolutely delightful. I look forward to whatever comes next for this story!
4/19 c24 yochan123
such a brilliant fic, really hope you can continue!
4/14 c9 1Lavirtu.2
This story is just incredible
4/12 c8 Lavirtu.2
I love how you describe the caracters, Cygnus is a real mystery for me
4/12 c7 Lavirtu.2
I would see more interactions between them, nice chapter I really like this story
4/11 c6 Lavirtu.2
I would love too see more moments of her and her husbands and maybe a weeding or something ? I know they are already married but maybe need a traditionel ceremony
4/9 c5 Lavirtu.2
Daamn I can't stop read this, this story is just perfect, I love how you writte, the caracters and everything
4/9 c4 Lavirtu.2
I love this so muuuuuuuuuch my god it's so original
4/8 c3 Lavirtu.2
It's definitly my favorite chapter
4/8 c2 Lavirtu.2
I love this story
4/7 c1 Lavirtu.2
This first chapter is just AMAZING
4/4 c24 clowepink
This story is sooo amazing so far! I hope that another update happens soon. You truly have a gift for writing.
4/1 c24 Amy
I read and re-read this stories so many times. It's AMAZING...

Hope you're well and healthy. Just ...THANK YOU for such imagination!
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