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2/21 c24 7Maxennce
Nice, awesome chapter
2/18 c24 buttons1721
I know it's been awhile so I'm hoping that you will get a chance to continue the story because it's so freaking amazing!

I'm dying to know if Pansy and Harry get together because they are so precious with Poppy. And is it odd of me to be hoping that there may be some little Blacks in the future? Plus I'm dying to know who has been The Mastermind behind this whole thing
2/18 c23 buttons1721
"A family that works together to protect itself is stronger and more formidable than the family that is ruled only by the paterfamilias. That is the future I would like to see for our family."

Maybe it's because I was just reading an article about Kate Middleton and William, but I swear this gave me a feeling of royalty and creating a publicly united front. Advice I've always thought of families should take... Just think how much further every family could go towards their goals if they all work together...
2/18 c21 buttons1721
Out of all the characters in the HP series, Dolores Umbridge was one that I despise the most. Particularly because she targeted small children... I would lose no sleep if Hermione took her out LOL
2/18 c20 buttons1721
I love the character of Poppy! I feel like she will help Bind Pansy to the rest of the group too, especially Harry because I feel like he will feel protective of her...
2/17 c17 buttons1721
I don't think it's bad that lavender had a modest ring...if her man truly loves her...️️️️
2/17 c11 buttons1721
"Right. So, I'm a Keeper," she began.
"But you hate flying," Dean protested.
"Not that kind," Hermione retorted. "I'm a special kind of witch."
Dean gave her a warm smile. "I know."
Hermione rolled her eyes at him. "Not that kind," she repeated.

I love how humor is sprinkled thru out this story! ️
2/17 c10 buttons1721
Why do I feel like it's a woman that polyjuiced Rita? One that has a grudge against Hermione.?.?.
2/17 c8 buttons1721
I have no idea what a "Christmas Pantos" is...learn something new every day! Lol
2/17 c24 Dherea
Truly enjoyed exploring the Black family. I love how protective they are of her, yet love her “evil” streak! Glad the Cissy and Andi are brought back into the family, even Draco is folded into the clan. This is one of the best written, well-nuanced fan fictions I have read.
2/17 c4 buttons1721
"Sirius held himself proudly with his shoulders thrown back and his head held high."

I feel for Sirius here...bc it feels like there were too few truly proud moments he had...bc his confidence before felt more like show to hide his hurts and insecurities...
2/17 c1 buttons1721
Can I just say this is freaking amazing! My heart is racing!
2/7 c1 3Audreyleonr
I came to cry, will you update again?
2/3 c24 9OnceFuturePanda
This is SO good! I hope you come back to it soon. I’m following for updates on this brilliant piece!
1/22 c24 1kitkat982
Omg! Please update! I guiltily read Hermione/Multi fics every so often and this is by far my favorite! Looking forward to the rest of the story!
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