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for The Demon of West Genetics

4/9 c8 MoonCell
So far it has been a good story. The next episode will undoubtedly be when Lelouch begins to earn his own reputation as an outstanding Strategist.

And I'm curious if Lelouch's compatibility percentage would increase later in the story, but I'm curious if Lelouch is genetically superior and has such a high compatibility percentage that it happens with Nunnally, she also has the same potential as her brother or even her children could be as talented as Lelouch, those are very important questions ... XD

Since the maximum number of members is seven girls, then these are my opinions for the "Harem":

I think Elizabeth and Attia should be romantically interested in Lelouch, because they already know Lelocuh's secret and all it takes is for there to be more trust between Lelouch and the girls.

Cassie Lockheart, she would be the last member and I think it could be interesting a relationship between her and lelouch. Even she could write a novel based on what "Zero" plans to do in the future ... XD
1/14 c3 Adis
Your dialogue is definitely your weakest link in this story.
6/26/2019 c7 Xealchim
Heeeeey Revenge of the Sith was alright for what it was
6/26/2019 c7 Xealchim
Heeeeey Revenge of the Sith was alright for what it was
6/23/2019 c8 3Hakkyou no Yami
oh this is good, I am liking this so far.
6/18/2019 c8 YuukiAsuna-Chan
Very nice, looking forward to the next chapter.

Hmm, i am seriously hoping Arcadia is gonna be part of Lulu's harem. I can definitely see Gengo ensuring the two of them cross paths as often as possible hoping that they are drawn to each other. After all, this is the guy who made a breeding plan for his son and daughters (Legendary Pandora) to have children thinking it would produce more powerful and more stable Pandora (Arcadia only child produced before his son died).

Yup, i can certainly see him doing this as a child between Lulu and Arcadia could truly be something. I mean, straight away it is better due to genetic diversity (i mean Arcadia is incredible and her mother and father are brother and sister), than there is Lulu having a monstrous 45 percent Stigma tissue index and Arcadia being, well you know (i assume you are aware of her potential).

Anyway, will eagerly await next update. Hope it's not to long a wait with how this chapter ended.
6/10/2019 c1 Karlos1234ify
Outstanding story idea.
6/9/2019 c8 MaxVars Burow
What a good update. I look forward to the next chapter and the future harem Xd.
Please, include Satellizer in Lelouch's harem. He deserves her more than the sissy Kazuya.
6/3/2019 c8 Ramos
Gengo over time will realize that Lelouch is not only genetically superior to his useless grandson, Kazuya Aoi, but also a genius and he is a terrible enemy if someone threatens his family and friends.
I wonder what Lelouch would think of a man like him who has goals similar to his father Charles, who is willing to sacrifice his own family on the pretext of saving mankind
6/3/2019 c8 7KisaragiKei
Thanks for the update. I figured you abandoned it but I guess it was in development hell after all this time.

There were some typos and such but you should look over your work.
6/2/2019 c8 1OBSERVER01
nice update :)
6/2/2019 c8 JustAFool
Excellent cliffhanger because I really wish you didn't stop there.

Well its a toss up for the harem for me. I say go for it if you want because I love harems, but in this chapter you have Lelouch mention how tough it would be on the Pandora and limiters to synch up with multiple people as well as the deep bonds developed by a dream cycle. So either way is fine.
6/2/2019 c8 Zucharest
Nice chapter, it's been too long since the last time I read this fic, hopefully next chapter will come quickly.
6/2/2019 c8 FateBurn
Great chapter like always
6/2/2019 c1 whiznoe
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