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2/3/2018 c4 hellyeah
this is one of the best fanfic ever made :D
2/3/2018 c7 Guest
best fanfic ever
9/3/2014 c3 Dream's guest
I do hope that M rating means an oc or some other character will make an appearance because Dream and Death pairing fics are my squick line.
Hopefully Dream will find someone who'll understand him and his fear of change. Perhaps his fear has something to do with the event that changed Delight into Delirium?
He must be some kind of masochist to jump into relationships with women who are bad for him. Like the Thessalian(?) for one. I know that she must've been the one he was moping over. Tho I don't know if his choice of exes have something to do with his refusal to change or if Desire is causing him problems by making them lust for each other. He didn't have problems like this when they were getting along. And I know Dispair works right along side Desire. So it could be both their faults that he's like this.
Death doesn't have problems like this because she's never slept with anyone, hence making her immune.
7/20/2014 c2 Dream's guest
Well that certainly snapped him out of it lol.
Maybe he'll pay attention now and just cheer up before she beats some into him. :)
Merv is really funny. Its a shame there's barely any fics about him.
Can't wait to see what she'll do to knock him out of his depression.
7/5/2014 c1 Dream's guest
I wonder if his ideal mate is a female version of himself. Would he understand if he had workaholic girlfriend? There definitely should be a fanfic about it.
Rambling aside, I can't wait to see what's next and how anyone can successfully cheer Morpheus up.
Mme D.G. (-)_-)

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