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6/14/2020 c13 Rebeccamack
I'm. Intrigued by the whole story, I read it all in a few hours, please continue writing, I must know how this story progresses.
12/26/2016 c13 78Paulina Ann
What? Requesting another chapter. :) Usually i don't enjoy reading first person but you do it well. Your story reminds me of "Alone, but Not Alone." Hope you continue. :)
7/1/2016 c13 max2013
Loved this chapter-Ned/Horse spirit is fully integrated-loved the hunt.
7/1/2016 c13 160ulstergirl
Aww, Ned had another adventure. :) I'm both intrigued and anxious about this first taste of love... but I'm sure it will be done well. Thanks for writing!
6/18/2016 c12 ulstergirl
I really enjoyed Ned's flashback to his previous family. The descriptions of the fire and of their daily lives were very good, too. I'm interested to see what happens next. :)
6/18/2016 c1 Wendylouwho10
I 2nd Max2013. Discussion of war so true.
6/18/2016 c12 max2013
What a powerful chapter. Ned's father was very wise as he spoke about war, and I felt for Ned's loss of his birth family. Just a really good chapter.
6/15/2016 c11 max2013
Not sappy, but very real-thank you.
6/15/2016 c11 ulstergirl
Aww. I'm glad Ned was so brave in battle (in his limited capacity), and it was sweet that he was so touched by his adopted father's pride in him. I'm glad he didn't have to kill anyone, though.
6/15/2016 c11 17leyapearl
Nothing wrong with letting the wine talk occasionally. War is traumatic, and Ned is still only about 11 years old. That said, this chapter shows his growth as a member of the Comanche tribe.
6/11/2016 c10 leyapearl
It's good to see Ned forming a brotherly bond with Enchiposato and be accepted by the tribe. I also like the contrast between his upbringing and current learning that comes up in the brief mention of his belief system. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for the captives who were adopted at an older age to adapt to the spiritual changes.
6/10/2016 c10 160ulstergirl
Very exciting chapter! I was glad that Ned didn't fire his arrow near the end, but it was a thrilling chase. I'm glad you were able to make the chapter finally post! Can't wait until the next chapter. :)
6/10/2016 c10 max2013
WOW-AWESOME-I like the name-very fitting.
6/8/2016 c9 15Jilsen
I think you missed the point of the story completely. Racist? Quite a word to use for someone you've never met and know nothing about. The definition of racist: a person who believes a particular race is superior to another. This couldn't be further from the truth in regards to me or this story. I question if you have read all nine chapters.

You use the term Native American. I'll quote Russell Means: "The one thing I've always maintained is that I'm an American Indian. I'm not a Native American. I'm not politically correct. Everyone who's born in the western hemisphere is a native American. We are all native Americans. And if you noticed, I put American before my ethnicity."

Or John Trudell: "We're not Indians and we're not Native Americans. We're older than both concepts. We're The People, we're the Human Beings."

In regards to life experiences, and I'm thinking of the captive experiences here, Russell Means says, "If you learn from an experience, that's good. So, nothing bad happened to you."

Or John Trudell: "Everything that has ever happened to us is there to make us stronger."

That's how I see this story, the telling of how someone grew stronger from a life experience. You choose to see it as racist. I see it as a imaginative retelling of the the very real, very true American past. I feel the past is a powerful force that weaves a thread through all of us. It joins us together in what we call mankind.

As John Trudell once said, "The past is more than a memory."

The past. Our past. Any country's past. It's there. It will always be there. Let us not forget it or sweep it under the rug. Let us learn from it. Let us be citizens of the world and make every day a better day for all people of earth.

May peace walk with you and in your heart,
6/7/2016 c9 Molly
Using Native Americans to tell a white man's coming-of-age/romance? Really? There are so many other less racist ways you could have explored Ned's backstory.
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