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1/4/2015 c1 52Heartless demon wolf
I've read the reviews you been given and while one of them has a very serious point. Honestly, I'm just really happy to see my favorite pairing, it'd be nice if it was more detailed and her crush on Robin was explained before it suddenly switched to BB but I like this all the same. No one is perfect after all, hopefully you'll write more of this amazing pairing my friend.
9/10/2014 c1 Bestflick
I really liked this story. So I hope you expand it I'm some way cause I would like more. So please expand and thank you
7/23/2014 c1 writerzero
Pretty nice for a quick read. Not sure why others so vigorously dislike it. Clearly Starfire in this story is interested in both Robin and Beast Boy, and is wondering if one of them likes her in return. Beast Boy is the one that steps forward.

I've always thought Starfire and Beast Boy would make a good couple. Both face the world with a smile and a positive attitude. For her to date someone like Robin must give her an headache at times - he's so distant and unlike her doesn't always clearly show his emotions. With Beast Boy that wouldn't be an issue.

Of course nothing beats BBxRae. :)
7/5/2014 c1 1Masquerade man1234
Such a great story , shame it's a oneshoot though .
7/4/2014 c1 2unusedaccount1337
If you're going to make this really good, please expand this story a lot. Maybe 20,000 words... BBStar takes a LOT of developing and I see not much dev. here. J-P Lewis, read your own story. Review your own story.

I agree with the last review wholeheartedly. Rewrite. I suggest it.
7/4/2014 c1 3Reavus
Unimaginative, unoriginal, predictable, far too fast, poorly written narrative, filled with dialogue from the very beginning to the very end, far too short. 1/10 for both effort and overall performance. Nice proofreading and grammar. Overall, I can conclude that anyone who follows/favorites this has an incredibly poor taste in literature.

My general rule is not to post/create anything that I, myself, wouldn't read again and again. This "story" was either half-assed or the works of bad writers. There is nothing interesting about it whatsoever.

Because of the bland dialogue and lack of heart warming narrative - there is no emotion in the story; it doesn't inspire the feels. It doesn't describe things that are happening. The rush of cold air hitting their faces as they entered the roof, the vibrant colors of the fireworks or the warm feelings they each receive when they touch one another.

You used "Star's" instead of "Starfire's" once in the narrative. Probably not the best idea. "Bludhaven" is "Bl├╝dhaven".

You didn't address Starfire's feelings towards Robin AT ALL. Not the best idea ever - it's one of the many reasons that her sudden relationship with Beast Boy seems highly forced. You don't need to post stuff on the 4th of July just because of Independence Day and it gives you a good opportunity to go along with the craze and post some inane junk that has holds no emotional value.

Beast Boy is highly out of character and you overdid Starfire's poor grasp on English grammar.

Would you honestly read this again in a month and say that you're happy with it? I could go on listing a few more things wrong with this story but I don't really see the point. This work of fan fiction tarnishes both of your names and should be either worked upon immediately or just removed forever.

Just my honest opinion.

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