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12/31/2018 c1 Dat da tea sis
Please continue
1/9/2018 c14 Lita
Perfect congratulations
5/2/2016 c1 Lula bear
Love Ur story so much. Can't wait for more chapters soon. Ur story is so cool.
1/18/2016 c13 Princess Keara 2013
Great job on this story.
7/22/2015 c14 grungevqueen
This was so amazing like I can't right now!
6/29/2015 c14 memou.ramirez
Well this is the second fanfic
6/28/2015 c14 2Ex2See
Awww this was perfect
6/26/2015 c14 141Invader Johnny
Ah very sweet seddie moment, about damn time too!

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
2/17/2015 c6 memou.ramirez
Ah ! Now there's the blond demon we all know and love. _ and Freddie looked for months? :'D still the plot thickens. Its slowly becoming a favorite :D
2/17/2015 c5 memou.ramirez
First off. Sam helping Cat find a prom dress? WHAT HAVE YOU TURNED SAM INTO!? second. Ay last Freddster makes the appearance I was waiting for. And last but not least thank you for cleaning up why Sam left, it makes so much more sense than the break up. I mean the " we have to break up because we love each other -_- come on dude"
PS sorry if that came out rude. Its just that I LOVE reading SEDDIE stories and it made me sad that they couldn't be together.
2/17/2015 c4 memou.ramirez
Awww so she does miss Freddie _ I still don't get why she feels the need to hide this from him. I'd bet he make a great dad, and as for Sam, she's not the tough girl she was a little over a year ago. She's really matured.
2/17/2015 c3 memou.ramirez
I'm loving this story, but it seems unfair that Freddie never got the chance to know that he would be a father. I'm now wondering if he will ever make an appearance on Lilly's life. Guess I gotta keep reading :D
1/11/2015 c1 Guest
Great story, love it. Your an amazing writer
12/24/2014 c13 Invader Johnny
Very sweet indeed, I think the love here us gonna last unless something or someone gets in the way.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
9/27/2014 c12 Guest
I'm just curious if Carly will find out about this...Or if Gibby knows o_O
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