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8/16/2014 c26 Bob Bobovsky
That's all?

Isn't this supposed to be a JackRabbit fic?

... And personally, I kinda think the ending is a bit bland. Loved everything except the ending.

8/3/2014 c26 9snowing-in-the-spring-time
Awesome chapter once again, looking forward to more xx
7/31/2014 c24 snowing-in-the-spring-time
Another good chapter :) xx
7/28/2014 c22 snowing-in-the-spring-time
Haha pitch, but he gives kids courage thats something right? :p awesome chapter xx
7/27/2014 c21 4Bloody-Rozez
Okay, first to the replies to my review (slightly confusing I know):
I love how much thought you've put into this! It's amazing!
Flight: Wouldn't those excess speeds in such a young body at freezing temperatures (which would only increase with the added speed and height) have at least knocked the breath out of him? And yes, I used the American spelling because I'm from Ohio lol. Hard to break the habit!
Ground vs. whole: Alright so the extract would definitely be out then and the whole seed is more potent but wouldn't that be like comparing a piece of hail to a sprinkling of rain? While the seed would be more compact and potent they would only hit her once before falling or being redirected back whereas the powder could coat her and settle into her clothes like a hail storm versus a rain shower. Then again both could potentially be addressed through use of both powdered and whole I suppose...
Review to the chapter:
You know if people keep draining Jack he's not going to have anything left!
Cue granny! Maisie can not be devoured by that dementor-reject hag!
Granny needs to come in all ninja like and burn that witch! Oops, added a w. ;)
Can't wait for more!
7/27/2014 c21 35WatUCWatIC
Oh nuuuuuuuuuu! ?.. chto?
7/27/2014 c21 9snowing-in-the-spring-time
i like how you called her "the hag" haha :P :) awesome chapter please update again soon 3 xx
7/26/2014 c20 snowing-in-the-spring-time
Jack can be really cute and awesome, but then he does this and he seems like one scary mother fu- yup keeping in PG but really awesome chapter 3 xx
7/26/2014 c20 4Bloody-Rozez
That is true, you would think that for one who was overtaken by fearlings it would have made him paranoid. I guess trying to force some of those fears upon others and attempt to revel in it.
Now on to the review!
Quick question: Wouldn't people have seem Pierce flying around? I mean in the movie they were able to see Jamie when Jack carried him. Or is there some sort of thing where they can cloak whatever their holding unless they wish otherwise? Like with Jacks snowballs and such.
Second: Didn't the grandmother say that she needed the whole seed? Or would the powder work fine because its not extract?
Oh no! Mean store clerk lady! Bad bad bad! Coal in your stocking for winter!
Go Jack go! Go Jack go! Whoohoo!
7/26/2014 c20 16Joshari
Yeah Rogue, Fairies and Pixies are not the same creature. If you do some research, you will learn this. Disney has this wrong...
7/25/2014 c19 4Bloody-Rozez
Oh a twist! I both want to root on the grandmother and lock her away with the children until Annis is destroyed!
Pitch is slowly morphing into an okay guy... I like it! Though he's still evil-ish. Seriously, fear is something we do need yes. But if we fear everything then it won't mean as much. He needs to learn that.
Have you ever looked into the actual stories? I read this comic that was so sweet, it was based on Pitch and the one boy who could see him. He had a cleft lip and Pitch kept rescuing him before disappearing when the boy told him that he was his hero. Years later and years later Tooth tried to talk sense into Pitch telling him how the little boys most important memories contained him. ANyway, it was super sweet and I'm babbling.
I love this so much! But, couldn't they just go somewhere and get the spices? Tooth, Sandy and Jack can fly, North has his globes and Bunny his tunnels. They could easily go somewhere, fill up one of Norths bags with the spice and bomb Annis with it...?
I hope the grandma stays safe!
As always, can't wait for more!
7/25/2014 c19 9snowing-in-the-spring-time
Oh no :( that poor old lady... cant wait for more ! Xx
7/24/2014 c18 4Bloody-Rozez
Hey there! Miss me? Sorry I couldn't review yesterday, my dad just got out of the hospital himself. Sometimes the similarities in this story astound me! lol.
But I absolutely adored this! Go Granny! I so love your characters!
Whoo hoo! Way to fight your instincts and help a spirit out Pitch! (If you can't tell I'm hyper!)
I also love how the wind is trying to help Jack out! It makes you wonder why it even listens to her but then again with that bit about it being colder around her did she cast some sort of obedience-ish spell on it that forced it to bend to her wishes?
I can't wait for the next chapter!
7/24/2014 c18 9snowing-in-the-spring-time
ohhhhh she went there! :P such a good chapter 3 xx
7/23/2014 c1 Doug
Just started reading this. It looks like it will be a good read. Thanks!
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