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for The Wings on the Moor

2/2/2020 c11 7Lady-Finwe
i hope you update soon :)
12/11/2019 c11 add profiel
Please updateeeeeee
10/6/2019 c11 15Jade Cooper
hey there, any chance that you will continue this brilliant piece anytime soon?
2/15/2015 c11 2lithriel23
I love your story! It's so well written!
2/11/2015 c11 5Snowdrop-143
Oh he is a worrisome bird :) great update :)
2/11/2015 c11 6DancingKitKat
Good luck, Diaval. I hope he doesn't get caught!
2/11/2015 c11 3standasawitness
I really enjoyed this chapter! Thank you so much! And did I catch a Princess Bride reference? Was that a deliberate "as you wish...? Anyways, great chapter! Thank you! :D
12/10/2014 c10 9Tacodestroyeravenger
:D in character
12/8/2014 c10 6DancingKitKat
SO glad you updated. :)
12/8/2014 c10 3standasawitness
Thank you for updating! :D I really enjoy this story!
11/17/2014 c9 9Tacodestroyeravenger
Oh I love these little shorts!
9/21/2014 c9 ngocquevt
I love the way you portray the characters, everything is handled with subtle touch, close to the movie but new and engaging.
Waiting for your updates of this story. I know good writing takes time but please don't let me wait too long.
9/12/2014 c9 LARACROFT0143
Poor Diaval... poor Maleficent... thanks for the update :)
9/10/2014 c9 Guest
I love it! Please keep writing! I love how Maleficent is, well... Maleficent, but still has some traces of her fairy innocence! And I like the amount of Maleval you handle in this, it's soft, barely there, but THERE (if I make any sense). I like your character portrayal and can't wait for more!
9/10/2014 c9 6DancingKitKat
Good job. I liked Maleficent's encounter with Aurora. :)
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