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for The Queen and her Savior

7/18 c3 3EvilRegalLioness
I have to say so far the concept is okay. However their characters are missed. I understand emma because she is young however Regina is far too open and honest with her emotions and at the first season she has no idea how to voice them and in season 2 she goes to archie for help. Here she is perfectly and a little robotically saying her feelings that seem quite out of character for her. Im still enjoying it however it feels like a preplanned conversation. Also both of these characters are lovephobic in season 1 and 2 however here they are blurting out.
8/29/2019 c16 xenalover123
Awesome story I hope you update soon
8/17/2018 c3 Guest
Good good
6/19/2018 c16 MIROjrsygrl
I love it! I wish you had written for ouat and not those bums. Hook screeching like a little girl is exactly how I envisioned his sorry a**. Thank you for the update. Sorry it's taken so long to review.
5/24/2018 c16 1bronxny22
I so love this story...I do hope you update soon.
5/21/2018 c16 rondaday1
I love this story and miss it so so much.
5/17/2018 c16 Kate13118
Great update. Looks like I’m going to really like your take on this!
5/16/2018 c1 1hfletcher0324
glad your back
5/16/2018 c16 1Swanqueen7
Yay you are back! Good update.:)
4/24/2018 c3 JosieNightOwl
Great story so far, but please stop using “For...” it is extremely irritating and sounds old fashioned and formal.
1/9/2018 c15 silver-stone2
are you going to finish this story ?
11/30/2017 c15 Lodi
please finish tys love it
11/11/2017 c15 ShadowCub
That stupid bitch Mulan again.
8/15/2017 c15 Mondler2005
Thus is so great .Please please update sooner
7/27/2017 c15 13lolaughoutloud123
Omg please update soon! This is such a fantastic story. Seriously can't wait until the next update!
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