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2/4/2016 c21 3Hera321
I hope to see it finished someday. Because this story is GREAT!
6/3/2015 c1 1aliesterus
Truly a piece of art. Sad that it hasn't been continued, and honesty doesn't deserve being called Fanfiction, even though it uses the same characters.

No, I'm not insulting your work, this is pretty much all original, except for the names.
5/20/2015 c21 The destroyer of fate
this is my second time reading through your story, I loved it all the same, if you are still out there I would love to of seen this be finished .. but after 11 years I highly doubt it will ever happen, such a shame too...
9/9/2014 c21 Anonymous
One thing about this fanfic. What with the Hidari and the reborn male Ranma in one of them... one - or should I say two people? that I question the identity of is Ryouga and Yoiko. It is a common fanon idea that Ryouga and Ranma look a lot alike and they sometimes even are brothers in some fanfics. In the manga Yoiko is just Ranma disguised and Yoiko DOES look like the female Ranma (save her hair being black in your story.) So that makes me wonder - are Ryouga and Yoiko actually related to Ranma? Are they perhaps the children of a Hidari? It would not be all that impossible that Ranma was captured by the organization before this fanfic and forced to copulate with a Hidari a couple of times. This of course would have produced the Hibiki siblings.

Well, since the fanfic is on hiatus I guess we'll never know.
8/31/2014 c21 2Gangsta Spanksta
Very well written story. Sad you stopped writing it right at a cliffhanger too. You are very good at writing action. It's a bit weird since the characters, many of them, are not who they are in the manga/anime. Like Ryoga is Ryoga in name only. Also weird to see Akane learning at a faster Rate than Ranma had, considering that most people think that Ranma is the fast learner and then to see him get beat up so much :)
4/1/2013 c21 8Compucles
NO! It's not fair! How could you get so far in such a great story and then abandon it at the climax of the entire story?!
2/29/2012 c11 Somewhat Dissatisfied Reader
This is definitely a well written story. There is one thing I don't like in this, but it's only my personal opinion. I don't like how you made Ranma a killer. I just can't see Ranma as a killer. Other than that I like the story, and the idea behind it.
2/17/2011 c21 Mike
Please do the world a favor...NE VER WRITE AGAIN.

This was such a waste of time. Just kill yourself already...The world would be a much better place.
2/21/2010 c21 2SmiffyHallo
This, has got to be the most Awesome Ranma story I have ever had the pleasure of reading. It is unique (to my knowledge at least) I can never imagine what sort of mind is capable of conjuring up such epic details as this story has. I am in awe, and shall forever hold this story in a particular place in my heart.

In short, Very well done, awesome work and I hope you have enjoyed writing this story so far.
9/13/2009 c21 mynamebejane
I hope you're doing well, I know you're going through chemo right now and it's a trying time in your life. Please know that our prayers are with you.
9/22/2008 c21 3MeatLips
I can only think of one word for this story:


You've blended so many elements of mythology and fantasy into this amazing tale... I'm honestly surprised you just didn't write this as a completely original story. The only real story tie it has with Ranma 1/2 is the Jusenkyo curse. Other than that, it completely stands on its own.

It's been an outstanding read. Unfortunately it looks like it hasn't been updated in a few years, which is a darn shame. I certainly hope you someday finish this.
12/22/2007 c21 XtremePlaga
Are you even still alive?

Update, please!
12/18/2007 c21 6LiQuitfox
11/23/2007 c4 12mikebreslau
The writing here is of professional grade, publishable calibur (a rarity in FFN). Yet, while you definitely have my attention, I am irritated at getting so far along and having so very much detail obscured and hidden.

I''m sure I could write a story in which none of the motivations or background was displayed, and I'm sure nobody would read it...

10/7/2007 c4 Lesychan
Really a Epic Fic...not a mere Fanfic...
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