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7/10/2016 c3 4Storm77
I love the way you have written all of the characters! Nice job :)
2/6/2015 c2 TheFire928
hilarious. loved it.
1/7/2015 c3 103guineapiggie
"Oh, you little ray of sunshine"
It was all really sweet and a little angsty and cute and then that line came up and I was just -
I can't even say why I find this so funny :D

And a very belated merry Christmas to you!
12/22/2014 c3 Darcy555
I love this story Keep on writing!
9/20/2014 c2 Darcy555
OMG I love this story! Please continue to update. It's sooo good!
9/15/2014 c2 lulu2613
9/15/2014 c2 guineapiggie
I loved this! I had to grin all the way through, it was so adorable. And Daniel fussing about his sock - perfection. Brilliant. Can't wait for the next chapter!
9/14/2014 c2 a
Jack is my favorite character, love the way you wrote him!
I'm looking forward to see the next chapter!
9/13/2014 c2 AurorRune
That was great ! Thank you for posting it !
Hope the next one will come out soon !
9/12/2014 c1 Guest
That's so great ! I love your writing.
Please, write more
9/5/2014 c1 14gift of the gabz
This was great. I love the way you wrote Merritt and I'd be really cool if you continued :)
7/15/2014 c1 E
I love it ! Please, update soon !
7/10/2014 c1 103guineapiggie
Well then, here's a ray of sunshine for you ;)
This was great, I really enjoyed it! I always find Merritt very difficult to write and you absolutely nailed him, so chapeau!

(By the way, my shot at the J was Jay. I kind of thought he had some surprising parallels with Jay Gatsby *lol* )

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