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for Stuck With My Ex

7/26/2014 c3 Guest
No! You can't leave it there. Nick's speech broke my heart! Get after him Jess! I don't want to rush you, but please update the next chapter!
7/25/2014 c3 1End80
That seriously broke my heart. My eyes are blurry with tears! I do hope you update soon and Jess runs after him!
7/25/2014 c1 Guest
Yaaaaaay an update! Another good chapter, look forward to chapter 4.
7/21/2014 c2 AlyssaGreen
Cool! I hope you're going to write other chapters!
7/10/2014 c2 Guest
Loved TFIOS reference! Especially when Nick was reading it and sobbing like a little fan-girl! I loved this chapter so much, but I am not ready for the painful angst to come! Again great chapter! - Anna
7/10/2014 c2 1Olicitylove24
Nick is me reading tfios lol loved the reference and this chapter can't wait for more
7/10/2014 c2 25Newgirlystuff
Hey! The looooooong 'guest' review from before was me:) Sorry, I thought I was logged in!
7/10/2014 c2 13rose coloured glasses
This is really good! Can't wait to read more
7/9/2014 c2 Guest
Ugh! This fic is going to give me a hard time, isn't it? And now that I'm so into the story I won't be able to stop reading! I guess that means you keep me wanting to read more and more of this, even if I know it'll be a bittersweet experience:) Anyways, that was a fantastic chapter and I can't wait to read next update. It was really great and amazingly written! Thank you for this, and please don't ever stop writing:)
7/9/2014 c2 8Winnie-the-Bish
Yes. Let the Angst Begin.
7/7/2014 c1 Ashleighxx
Really good. I like where this and cant wait to see where it goes :) x
7/7/2014 c1 9Miadaisyc
I'm loving this so far can't wait to read more.
Thanks for posting.

Maria x
7/7/2014 c1 Guest
This is good, I like it!
7/7/2014 c1 25Newgirlystuff
That was fantastic, congratulations on your first fic:) Please, please, keep the Angst away! My fangirl heart can't take anymore sadness!
7/6/2014 c1 1End80
I hooked on this! This is gonna be good! Can't wait for more!
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