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for Taking Chances

12/26/2018 c21 4Jackie Hallowell87
Loved the story.
12/26/2018 c18 Jackie Hallowell87
12/26/2018 c15 Jackie Hallowell87
Poor Seth
12/26/2018 c12 Jackie Hallowell87
Glad; Ally has Sam has a best friend
12/26/2018 c7 Jackie Hallowell87
I love that movie (Girl vs Monster)
12/26/2018 c6 Jackie Hallowell87
Poor Joe, loved it so far
12/26/2018 c4 Jackie Hallowell87
what? I can't see Joe doing that to her
12/26/2018 c3 Jackie Hallowell87
Woe, nice set of chapters
12/26/2018 c1 Jackie Hallowell87
Loved it
8/13/2016 c4 Soely18
I doubt that this is how rape victims and rapists interact. I know because I am one of the victims. To try and downplay what happened is disgusting. After her rape, she WOULDNT EVEN STEP INTO THE SAME BUILDING AS HE. Why are you trying to romantisize it? IF you're smart then delete this piece of shit story.
7/21/2016 c21 dianebelcher81
great story
6/11/2015 c21 146Linneagb
Yaaaaaay. They won. Great chapter and great ending... I will definitely read the sequel. This story has been so awesome and I hope Ally has an awesome time in Ireland. I can't wait to read more.
6/10/2015 c21 92Tif S
Awww! That was great. I did not see that twist coming. Love all of the songs Wow. And then Rory getting a ticket and passport so they could spend the Summer together. Aww! A sequel, awesome! Looking forward to it. Great job. This story was awesome.
6/10/2015 c20 Tif S
I do think they will make it but it'll be hard for both of them. This was such a sweet chapter. Poor Ally. Poor Rory. I really hope that they make it. I love that Rory convinced Ally to spend time with him before he leaves. I also really love Sam and Jamie. They're such good friends to Ally. Awesome songs too!:)
6/8/2015 c20 146Linneagb
Great chapter. I can't believe it's so close to the ending now. I'm not so sure about this long distance but I guess if I were them I'd totally do the same thing and I hope it works out for them.
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