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7/28/2016 c2 JAKEkenstein
How old are the characters in your fanfiction story? I haven't watch Pokemon in a very long time so i wouldn't know the starting age of a Pokemon trainer is? Great story by the way can't wait for more XD
7/27/2016 c1 JAKEkenstein
Please update this story soon XD
11/2/2015 c2 Guest
Omg I love it are you going to make more
7/8/2014 c1 coldblue
It a good story and great idea.

In the Cartoon of "Pokémon", I always wonder what became of the Pokémon trainers that ha Bulbasuar and Charmander. At the end of the Kanto Region for "Pokémon" Professor Oak tells Ash that those 2 Pokémon Trainers gave up.

That seems ridicules and I felt that the story would have been goo if it switched from Ash, Gary and the 2 Pokémon Trainers that had either the Bulbasuar or Charmander would have been GREAT rivals for each other.

Athear Darastix/OC character is okay. His name seems difficult, but original. It could have been a simpler name. I LOVE that Athear 3 Pokémon are a Pichu, Charmander and Pidgy. Athear gave them names and they are not OVER Powering, but still pretty strong. Athear dealing with the Sparrow problem is great.

All in all, Athear POINT OF VIEW was great to read.

It nice to read more mature trainers that writers create like Athear Darastix. I'm okay with the Pairing, BUT I hope it slow and reasonable how Athear/Misty get together.


1) What Pokémon types do you want Athear Darastix to be on his dream team?

2) How many Pokémon will Athear train and will he have 2 Pokémon teams: Primary and Secondary Team?

3) Will Pichu evolve to Pikachu to Raichu in your story?


1) Right now Athear has Electric/Pichu, Fire/Charmander, and Flying Type/Pidgy Pokémon.

I do hope that Athear Darastix has some Unique Pokémon Team from the Kanto Region.

Suggestions on WHAT Pokémon Type's could be on Athear Darastix Pokémon Team:

Dragon Type- Dratini
Ghost Type- Gastly
Rock Type- Onix
Fighting Type- Machop
Water Type- Magikarp

It just some idea's.

2) I just hope that Athear has a SMALL team that are tough when have Quality over Quantity.

I think that Athear Darastix should get at least 10 to 12 Pokémon that he trains in the Kanto Regions.

3) Yeah. Athear should have Pichu evolve all the way to Raichu.

It always bothered me that Ash or Pikachu never thought of evolve into a Raichu after SO MANY years.

It almost as bad as when Ash and Pikachu go to ANOTHER region and Pikachu is not as tough as he was in EACH Region Championship.

Keep up the good work.
7/8/2014 c1 thor94
Look interesting.
Athear look good trainer.
But please don't say to me that ash will be that stupid dumb loser from the canon story king of pity badges who enter in league with only one evolved (and disobediant) pokemon.

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