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6/27/2020 c12 Guest
I know it’s been awhile but it’s a really sweet and engaging story and so well written that it would be lovely if you would continue it.
2/18/2020 c12 NavyScrubs
I love this! Nice to see a softer younger Gail. Looking forward to more.
10/13/2019 c12 Guest
Please update! Thanks :). Wow I had no idea how much I missed this show
7/19/2019 c12 amyleeyg
hi, great story thank you! please an update soon?!
7/13/2019 c12 Guest
Aw, just when you were getting to the good part! Thank you for the update!
7/10/2019 c12 homenum
Loved the update, as always.
The banter between them and Gail's vulnerability were excellent.
I hope the surprise visit of Holly's parents (for Gail at least) doesn't backfire.
7/5/2019 c12 Chestnut123
Great chapter ! Thank you.
7/4/2019 c12 joj14
great. thanks
7/4/2019 c12 Qbonbon
I really like the word "Bedroom" say by either of them when they are together! LOL

Thanks for another chapter!
7/2/2019 c12 Guest
So glad you’re continuing to update all your Gail five! Love them so much! Keep up the great work! :) thanks!
7/2/2019 c12 wkgreen
Welcome back! Glad you are continuing this story!

Holly, warn Gail about incoming parents! :)

Looking forward to reading more :)
7/2/2019 c12 3123a456e
Yay you updated! Great chapter, please update soon!
6/14/2019 c11 Gemsey22
Oh come back to this toooooo please.
8/10/2018 c11 Anna
Really enjoying this story! Gail is just too adorable but she needs to think more highly of herself.
8/8/2018 c11 Guest
I love all your Gail fics, I’ve been reading through all of them quite quickly. Ahhhh it must be so time consuming to write all the time but please update your stories please! I can’t seem to get enough of them. I love the “pre-rookie” phase. I’d like to read more about the academy but it seems it is closing to an end on that but that’s okay. Such a refreshing storyline! Also please update Bravo!
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