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4/7/2017 c7 5NuttyBuddy792
Glad to hear you're still kicking. A lot has happened since you've posted, so I'd imagine you'd like an update to Dani's Deck, if you still plan on using her. It's mostly adding all the new Blue-Eyes cards, but we can discuss that in detail in the PM thread.

From your Nutty Buddy,
The Eagle Nut
2/28/2015 c1 15hunter.guiles.9
Can I use Berne v.s. Weevil, Atticus, and Crow?
2/26/2015 c6 5Scaehime
I'm curious to see what you have planned for this fic.
Name: Gevrayna
Appearance: mid-back length brown braid, smaller braid down the right side of her face, deep green eyes, 5' 5", typically wears a t-shirt and knee-length shorts.
Personality: eager to win, but willing to learn from loss; admires Yugi, Jaden, Yusei, and Yuma's (and Yuya's if you decide to add Arc-V) strength of heart
Main Deck:
Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch
Flamvell Guard
Chthonian Emperor Dragon
Flamvell Baby
Flamvell Grunika
Volcanic Counter
Kuriboh (b/c of Yugi)
Inferno (x2)
Magna Drago (x3)
The Thing in the Crater (x2)
Spirit of Flames
Jurrac Gallim
Solar Flare Dragon (x3) (a favorite)
Neo Flamvell Origin
Thunder Short
Sword of Deep-Seated
United We Stand
Black Pendant (x2)
Dark Room of Nightmare
Pot of Greed
Mirage Tube
Meteor of Destruction
Molten Destruction
Mystical Space Typhoon (x2)
Dimension Wall
Coffin Seller
Call of the Haunted
Negate Attack
Nightmare Wheel
Mirror Force
Draining Shield
Scrap-Iron Scarecrow (included b/c of Yusei)
Minor Goblin Official
Magic Cylinder (x2)
Trap Hole
Fire Darts
Solemn Wishes

Extra Deck:
Flamvell Uruquizas (x3) (ace)
Ally of Justice Catastor (x3)
Magical Android (x3)
Lightning Warrior
1/23/2015 c6 23guardian of the aura Aurasoul
Oh now this is a good story cant wait for the next chapter
10/12/2014 c6 Guest
10/13/2014 c6 5NuttyBuddy792
Ha! You think your course schedule is crazy? Lololololol, don't make me laugh. Mercifully, I have some time to review these chapters, two at once!

Professional dueling on the TV. Seems kinda random, but I guess it works. This Red lady is very mysterious. Tis a wonder how she's managed to keep her identity a secret from the prying eyes of the media. And here's another plot twist, with a long lost brother reappearing on the scene. Hmm. Just what are we dealing with here (besides time paradoxes and all that crazy stuff).

Oh Lord have mercy, I f &$ing hate zombies (if you hadn't noticed in Chaos Unleashed already, kriffing kinemortophobia). Even as I try to get past this debilitating fear, make you you use proper capitalization. It's Zombie World, not zombie world. It helps to make the card title stand out. No need to bold it or anything (though I do approve of it being used on the LP).

And now some fellow named Berne is in the picture. Hmm. It's okay so far, but make sure you don't give the popular characters too few "screen time". Sadly, people are here to see the main characters perform, not OC's. you're doing great so far, just be careful as you go along and add other OC's into the mix.

Details matey! What does Red-Eyes Black Chick look like? What does Red-Eyes Black Dragon look like? I know, I know, 99% of all Yugioh fans know exactly what REBD looks like, but still, how did it appear on the field? Did it appear in a dramatic flourish of black fire or did it simply materialize like the hologram it is? Details like that set apart great stories from good stories.

Ewwwww, zombies. *shudder* why? Ugh, as squeamish as I am, what does Endless Decay look like?

Whoa whoa whoa, Red Dragon Archfiend?! How the, what? Time travel. Go figure.

Not a bad duel overall, though the implications are too numerous for me to list here. Mind those details lad!

Easy there Jaden, greeting a brother who's been missing for 4 years may not be the best method out there (watch the grammar, "all of us chuckled", you've been telling a story in 3rd person, don't shift to 1st person randomly). Certainly fits his style though, lol.

So, is this Yusei's son, grandson? Just how big of a gap is there in between time periods? Time travel certainly is complicated. I wonder if this has the StarRose shipping (AkizaxYusei, whatever the hell its official name is). On to chapter 6!

So, another Duel. See above for comments on Duel. I won't repeat myself. Watts vs 6 SAMs. Man, those Watts seem rather... puny, especially if you summon them in attack mode. Hmm. Building up to Wattaildragon, perhaps? Not sure what Fudo's descendant is up to.

Ahh, Astral. The duel spirit next to Yuma. I almost forgot about him. Huh. Stands to reason the protagonists can all see him, but the other "mere mortals" can't.

Oh hey, Stardust Dragon. Since Somaka is Fudo's descendant, it's not shocking that he ha Stardust. Makes me wonder if Red is Jack's descendant. Hmmm...

So Jake wins, then becomes a Signer? So the Crimson Dragon is meddling with affairs in this time too?! So there's Somaka and Jake as "current" Signers, Yusei as the "old" Signer, which leaves 3 more. Red may be one, not sure about her role in this yet, perhaps Dani could be a Signer, lol! Wouldn't that be awesome! XD

I can't complain about the "tracking device", it's the future, who knows what else there is available.

So, lemme get this straight. Berne is an old friend of Jake's, who's getting coerced into something he doesn't want to do in order to protect his friends, but then he has to hurt his friend in order to protect his friends? I feel like I'm missing something here. Berne's fallen to the dark side, it seems.

A decent couple of chapters, mind that capitalization in the Duels, don't be afraid to add details, and keep up the good work!

From your Nutty Buddy,
The Eagle Nut
10/12/2014 c6 xider
nice. though i forgot to ask did you already figure who the signers were? compleatly slipped my mind when i was making the oc. otherwise l look forward towards the new chapters and to the new holders of the other four dragons are.
10/12/2014 c5 15Miqu
lol what will yusei say about having a son XD
'but i wanted a daughter :( ' XD just kidding, me and my dry humor,
anyway i love it!
i really want to know what would happen if the gang finds out about yami XP
well hope you'll update soon, even if you just did ;)
10/7/2014 c3 Guest
9/14/2014 c3 xider
well id love to join, question is, do you accept onlyreal cards or made up ones? let me know.
9/6/2014 c4 5NuttyBuddy792
Alright, a new chapter! I appreciate the "copyright" you did with Dani (it made me chuckle), even if she didn't actually appear this chapter, but that's alright. Now, lets start from the top, shall we?

Master vs Apprentice. Teacher vs Student. This oughta be good. Duel gazer? Must be that eye thing they wear in Zexal. Huh.

Okay, so the stats look good, but part of what makes Yugioh great was the cards coming to life. There is a very noticeable lack of descriptions about what the cards look like. This mainly applies to monster cards since they stay on the field as opposed to magic and trap cards. I have Six Sam cards, so I know what Kizan looks like, as well as Hane-Hane (I have a special dislike for that card), who you forgot the stats for btw, but for someone who might not know about these cards, the lack of details can hurt their mental picture. You did a much better job keeping track of the stats and Life Points though.

Details, matey, Blade Rabbit's summon and attack was very bland. I harp on these because I care. Don't be afraid to add details, but at the same time, don't be redundant. It's a challenge, yes, but it will go a long way to make you a better writer. Trust your Nutty Buddy on this one.

Vess howled when he was attacked?! What is this, a shadow duel?! Or maybe he's being melodramatic. Seems a bit much for a friendly Duel though

I don't think they said "I draw!" every single time during the show, but that's a minor detail compared to the other stuff they talked about. Carry on!

It was a good duel, though I refer to what I said earlier. Also, don't hesitate to use the audience as filler. It's how they spread one of the Yugi/Kaiba duels out over 6 chapters when it could've been fit into 3. Comments from the legends as they observe the Duel would've been acceptable so long as you don't overdo it.

So, we have our first glimpse of the main villain. Interesting. A man in a cloak. Unless he was hidden in shadow, a few more details would've helped. I'm sure we'll find out more in the next chapter.

I am curious as to how Dani will fit in and if you still want me to do the Duel you mentioned earlier. Overall it was a good chapter, but sorely lacking in details. Not a lot of advance in the plot, if any, but for a friendly duel, I guess it's acceptable. Keep up the good work my friend!

From your Nutty Buddy,
The Eagle Nut
8/7/2014 c3 Corina O
Cool Chapter! :)
BTW I have an OC
Name: Aiya Maverick
Appearance: Long black hair, green eyes, grey tank top with black leather jacket over it, torn jeans, black boots
Personality: Sort of like Kaiba's, but a bit nicer towards friends and opponents with great skill
Age: 17
I don't know what it means by FULL decklist, but I know a type of deck she would have: Dragons
But if you mean like EVERY card in the deck, then it'll take awhile for me to look up lol :)
8/6/2014 c2 HorusDuelistX
you need 6 more chapters plz!
8/6/2014 c3 NuttyBuddy792
Interesting, a random wormhole just sucks these guys up and drops them into the future. How much further in the future, I wonder... The show never really specifies the time gap.

Would Yusei really say the full names of his friends to people who have no clue who they are? I think he would've say " my friends" rather than "Akiza and Jack". Just my 2 there.

Okay, so that explains how they got here, and I understand Yugi, Jaden, and Yusei all being "old" friends, but I would think (from what little I know of Yuma's personality) that Yuma would be more in awe of 3 legendary duelists. It was fine last chapter, I just wasn't certain of Yuma being so accepting that quickly. Hmm, maybe it's something I'm missing from not watching Zexal.

""You guys are going to have to be prepared to face fusion, synchro, and xyz monsters," Jake said"
What was the purpose of this statement? Yugi and Jaden know about fusions and Synchros already, I would've expected them to be confused about the XYZ's (as well as Yusei). Still, the statement as a whole seems rather... unecessary.

Lulz, silly Yuma. I wonder if the old crew is gonna consist of outside OC's or your OC's. hmm. Either way, we have a Duel next chapter!

Overall, a decent chapter. Still, questions remain. Why were they brought there? Who's the main villain? I'll admit, I didn't introduce the Master til chapter 3, so it's not a pressing concern, but I am curious about the power that brought the legends there. Hmmm. I look forward to the next chapter.

From your Nutty Buddy,
The Eagle Nut

PS: I appreciate the shout-out, I'm happy to help however I can.
7/23/2014 c2 Corina O
Please update :)
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