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11/15/2020 c6 rizu
yeah i have know a friends since we were 8 they hate each other i stayed nuetral but to day there lover lmao
7/28/2020 c6 Lelouchvi
So this is like one of those fanfics that I get flustered and got me hiding my face within my hands and squeal like the fangirl I am. This was good
5/1/2017 c6 1Langas
Great story. I would like more chapters
3/15/2017 c6 xFallenDemonx
I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who ships Accelerator and Mikoto! This pairing needs more love. The way you handled their characters stays true to canon and they don't seem OOC at all! You're a GREAT writer. And thanks for writing this AMAZING story! :)
3/9/2016 c6 1Aries infinity
it has happened before and thats why i like this paring
12/1/2015 c1 27TETRACIDE
did he even brush his teeth?
11/2/2015 c6 Guest
8/17/2015 c5 MrCreeperguy
I dont like the end of this chapter... Accelerator just dont want a girlfriend. he has last order, who works kinda like his daughter and misaka worst also want the same "fatherly" treatment!
8/16/2015 c6 JustAFool
Great story, could have used a bit of work on grammar but since it ended that doesn't effect it too much. Really liked the Bold unison question at the end.
8/16/2015 c2 JustAFool
Wow I loved the ending. It was a bizarro twilight zone moment. The best part was I could see it happening in canon if circumstances were right.
6/20/2015 c1 Guest
Can I have the perimssion to translate your fanfic into Chinese?
4/2/2015 c1 Mcwin
This pairing has more crack than an Idaho crack house, but it's still worth the read

12/19/2014 c6 7sora-to-umi
Sorry for not reviewing your chapters in a while, schools are finally over and I managed to get to your remaining chapters :) AND I LOVED IT! I love how you put details in your writing without overdoing it. The characters stay true to their personnalities in the end :) The confession part was soo kawaiii, but poor Mikoto for having to say it before Accelerator, who chickens out at the end XD All in all, it was a GREAT story, I'm very satisfied with the ending :) If you think of writing more Accel-Miko fanfics in the future, I will be one of the first sprinting to read them, and if not, well I just have to reread this awesome story as many time as I can until I'm satisfied :) Again thanks so much for adding another great story to this couple's archive in the To aru fandom. They need more love and more awesome fanfics like this! Enjoy the holidays :)
12/13/2014 c6 2Sebaspe
I really liked the ending. I must say, you disserve a price. You managed to transform a total hate relationship into a really lovely one.
10/27/2014 c6 Phantom Miria
*claps* very good job on this one.
also (I apologies in advance) AWWWWWW that was adorable.
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