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for And I Saw the Beast upon a Cold World

10/5/2020 c26 2TuscanKB
Fantastic read. Perhaps one day there will be a conclusion to this story, but for now I'm just happy to have found this story, thank you!
7/24/2020 c26 1KaytieJay
Wow, Let us all hope that the author has the heart to finish this amazing story. I wait with bated breath. As for our two favorite characters, all I can say is... YOU GO GIRLS!
7/24/2020 c11 KaytieJay
In the words of Anna from Frozen II... Whoa, That was EPIC!
7/23/2020 c7 KaytieJay
OMG, that was sooooooo freakin Awesome! Little Anna ain’t so little anymore. LOL
7/23/2020 c5 KaytieJay
Late the party on this story but as they always say better late than never. I’m glad someone mentioned it because so far, this is Fn Awesome! Wonderfully written, besides the occasional wrong word or misspelling but nothing you can’t handle. The concept is refreshing and I like how it seems to be unfolding. This will be a binge read for the next week. Thanks for putting this out there.
3/11/2020 c26 Duskfern
Whooooooa, that was amazing to read, how casually she shut down the king's accusations in realization that butting heads with an old man will lead her nowhere, I can't wait what she has planned for Anna and what Anna is actually going to do!
2/26/2020 c26 LunarMiko07
Wow. This is such an epic story. Queen Elsa is definitely a sight to behold. Love it. Can't wait for her and Anna to show the Southern Isles what they deserve!
1/20/2020 c26 20blackrider11
I have not read a story as good as tempest until this one.
11/16/2019 c26 SpurBoy
I just read this over the last two days. It's excellent, I love it! I hated that Elsa's parents thought the answer to her powers was to allow her to seclude herself from her people and her family. The troubling thoughts of injuring others as she had Anna because of her lack of control were not eased by this passive approach. She should have been trained and counseled on gaining control, not isolated and left to brood and doubt herself. I'm so happy that this story offered an alternate reality which embraced her powers in service to herself and her country. I wished you had finished it so I could have enjoyed the punishment doled out to Hans, his father and the Southern Isles as well as any who engaged in their subversiveness. I hope your conclusion saw them fail and die. Hans is a dick and I do wonder how Elsa accepted his presence without any proof of his integrity especially when Anna, Kristoff, and the general all disliked him. She should have sent spies to the Southern Isles from the beginning and definitely after the plot to assassinate the royal family in the castle was discovered and unhinged. However, that's not important anymore because Anna should annilhilate Hans with him begging for mercy at every cut and Elsa, if she can control the weather enough, should bring down a tempest on the Southern Isles and leave their perfidious king to blame. Woah, I'm riled up at the treachery! Anyway, loved the story and just want to say thanks for sharing!
11/4/2019 c26 Just someone
Hello, I just wanted to say that I love this story and Queens. I've read this a long time ago and probably came back to it several times these past few years when I missed it. With Frozen 2 coming very soon, I figured it would be nice to sit down and read your Frozen stories again. It was great to see you've updated it this one this year.

There's something about the way you write that captives me. The story delivery and character development are organic and believable. As someone who writes sometimes, I always thought of your work not just to enjoy but also as a goal.

Life gets busy and sometimes we lose interest. And that's why I really appreciate that you still update this story sometimes.

I hope you're doing well! Thanks for sharing this story with us.
10/12/2019 c26 YuukiAsuna-Chan
Just make a damn example of the Southern Isles, turn them into a frozen tundra bare of life. Seriously doubt anyone would wanna piss off someone who did that. She is far to nice for her own good.
5/25/2019 c26 Darrothan
I've just read through Chapters 1-26 and boy did you take us for a ride.
I really enjoy how you've made very realistic alternate world and placed our characters in situations that very well could have happened in their time (late 18th century?), aside from the magic of course.
I also love how you make the atmosphere shift throughout the story-from calm and peace before the parents' deaths to anxiousness in the years before the coronation and to the absolute chaos that was the last two chapters.
And the characters are so relatable, too. How all Elsa ever wanted is for people to appreciate her powers and how her father knows the disasterous consequences should they be exposed. And to see how Elsa eventually realizes the reasons for her father's hesitance yet moves on to show the world what her powers can really do. This whole plot arc is just playing out the oh-so-satisfying power trip fantasies I'm sure many of us had when we were children, and I love it.
All in all, this has been a great read so far, and I can't wait to see where you'll bring us next!
5/10/2019 c16 5Lesbi-Elsa
I love that reference to the Robert Frost poem, it fits the scene so well.
5/3/2019 c7 Lesbi-Elsa
Actually, the more I read, the more familiar this story feels, I’m 80% sure that I’ve actually read this before. That doesn’t make it more interesting, it’s not that I can exactly tell what’s gonna happen, I just feel deja vu whenever something does. Anyway, I’m enjoying it either way :D
5/2/2019 c2 Lesbi-Elsa
Dude it’s been a lonnnngg time since I’ve seen something based off of Patronustrip’s Tumblr. I was obsessed with Dark!Elsanna for a while. I guess the only reason that I haven’t read this story yet is cause it doesn’t say Patronustrip in the summary, cause it’s literally been sitting in my library for years. Excited too read it all and hope the updates will be consistent.
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