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for Pretty Cure: Color Chaos

4/27 c36 Guest
That was a great chapter, hey I hope you find a job that suits you. And stay safe out there
4/24 c36 31FoxyKhai0209
I've been waiting for this for a very long time! But this chapter is epic! I love it! The Precure, fairies, Matt and Tint will get the Wonder Color Orange really soon. But they gotta go through a tough challenge in order to gain it.
3/1 c35 Guest
I was thinking, since the pretty cures got kidnapped before in the other chapter, can you try and Matt get kidnapped too? I really want to see that happen.
1/2 c34 4SleepyNozomi
Iiiiiiiii know who it is! but im gonna stay quiet till he sends out who it is in one of his chapters. because I'm not a rude person
12/23/2020 c35 Guest
Hi. It's the reader who said "I want to make this story a video game", is it okay to do that?
5/29/2020 c35 alexasharonrice1
Mickey Mouse with The Powerpuff GirlsPretty Cure All Stars! an AndrewTopia Fanfiction
5/4/2020 c35 Guest
Is the one Pikmin and Popeye the sailor man. Also, your right, we need to stay strong and have light and hope on our side
4/30/2020 c35 7
Woah I like this
4/29/2020 c35 alexasharonrice1
3/12/2020 c3 11OMNISENSE95
Um... I think this is a repeat chapter...
2/10/2020 c27 14HunterXKiller87
Hello there, Hunter here. Just recently got introduced to your story, and I LOVE It so far.

Reading this chapter however, it gave me a potential idea that I wanted to share with you regarding Matt.

Would it be possible for the enemy organisation, the King, out of fury at their constant loses, to try and CREATE their OWN wonder colour? This one being black and representing darkness. It'd be similar to the ring in Lord of the Rings, and in this case the enemy uses it to take down the Pretty Cures. However, just as they are about to be finished, it actually starts resonating with Matt, and tries to take control of him similar to how Red did with Seiji in Happiness Charge. However, due to the lessons and inspirations that Matt went through with the Precures, his own soul roared in righteous rebellion and fury at being controlled, allowing him to fight back against the invasive attempts the false Wonder Colour had. This all ends up in a climax where Matt eventually wins the battle through sheer force of will, one which he could reminisce on his failures and perhaps his coping mechanisms, which trigger his transformation.

As for the transformation, it could be like Cid's SHADOW outfit from Eminence of Shadows (a manga, highly recommend), or Joker's from Persona 5 since his outfit is all about symbolising rebellion. His main weapon could be Guns, like the rock cannon from BRS, but he could also know some Chinese martial arts as well, with maybe a perception-based ocular ability like the Sharingan from Naruto since he's an obviously intelligent man.

I ask this because we've seen a few male characters get their own powers like Seiji from Happiness, Henri from Huggto (who became the first male precure with a white theme) and even Olivier from the Heartcatch movie. Plus, as stated in this chapter, the 'precure soul' is within Matt just like the rest of the warriors, so it gives me a possible hope. Plus, I know you mentioned that Matt's a self-insert, but I feel like you could eventually evolve him into a true character in the future with all these trials he goes through with the Pretty Cures.

I'm also drafting up my own Pretty Cure fic, set in the Go Princess Precure fic, so there's that too.

Please PM me with your response.
1/28/2020 c34 Guest
I can't wait till Orange Canyon.
1/20/2020 c34 31FoxyKhai0209
I wonder who is the tratior for causing Spectrum Land into chaos?
1/20/2020 c34 Panther J
Hercules! That’s where the quote’s from. Still, nice work and looking forward to the next chapter.
1/20/2020 c34 7
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