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for Devils of Aincrad

8/13 c18 midnightscar17
Its not fina ita pina
4/22 c23 FuckOff.I'mBusy
Is the title a Doctor Who reference or is it just a coincidence?
4/12 c1 ADAZ99
Hello, just saying, but, love the story
3/20 c30 1acpeters
After playing through the Avalugg boss battle in Legends Arceus, it made me think of this story again so I had to come back and reread the fic. It is just as good as I remember it, and it’s too bad that it was abandoned. If you ever feel like coming back and writing this again, I would be very excited to read where you take the story.
3/9 c38 6XXxxxadisxxxXX
Just kinda seems cliche and overused to have all of them become devils right off the bat. I get it, plot, but it's just boring man. It felt railroaded as hell.
3/3 c79 1dreaddragonknight
Great story, great read
3/3 c78 dreaddragonknight
I don’t even remember this fight from canon, but I like yours, it was pretty damn awesome though poor Asia needs more hugs... and ponies
3/2 c77 dreaddragonknight
Asia needs all the hugs. Also a pony... and ice cream
3/1 c73 dreaddragonknight
It always surprises me how often this particular scene and events are overlooked by DxD writers when it comes to fics, cause when they do show up they are usually pretty awesome
3/1 c71 dreaddragonknight
Raynare turning into a nerd at the presence of interesting books is hilarious and I love it
2/27 c60 dreaddragonknight
I was kinda hoping for Ise to do more against the 10 winged jackass but oh well
2/27 c58 dreaddragonknight
How much Spriggin stuff does Kirito keep outside of the game?
2/26 c52 dreaddragonknight
Ah a Xenovia fan, i see you too are a person of culture and taste
2/26 c51 dreaddragonknight
Huh interesting choice of familiar for Ise
2/26 c49 dreaddragonknight
Yay Argo is back
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