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5/6 c6 10AAu.27
All this time I was imagining Tsuna to be the same 15 year old teen. Not an 18 year old.
12/27/2020 c6 vrani140
continue, please
7/3/2017 c6 LavaLilly
So what's next?
5/16/2017 c6 7Pink the Legendary
I see TROUBLE... I'm kind of in love with this idea... please keep up the wondrous, wonderful work.
5/9/2017 c6 Visually Dreamer
Oh! Love this! Lol, Mukuro was unexpected cause I thought they're all Arcobaleno with Bermuda, but I guess wrong. Hehehe, I can't wait to see their protective streaks when they saw Tsuna's bullies.
5/2/2017 c6 3DragonClanMaster
Well, good luck you poor, unlucky tuna. You're going to need it. XD
3/28/2017 c6 Ch10m4
Pls update pls why stop there whhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy
1/25/2017 c6 Espeon35
Lol. Tsuna you have you're own harem and Mokuro is in the group. Though I wonder whose the silver eye baby as Lal isn't in the group.
11/18/2016 c6 13keiman and kei
Man! I missed that before! Each of the infant companions represent a different element and Tsuna (Now 18) must learn to command and control them and their elements since he is their 'Sky'. So the boy tied to the tree in the legend is really Rokudo Mukuro and 'Tsuna's 'guide' for his mission. Shocked? That's too mild a word. I'll borrow a word from 'Ben Matlock's vocabilary. 'Tsuna was flabbergasted by this turn of events'! And not a little bit scared as well! What will be revealed in Ch 7 I wonder, fairy? You have created some cool names, man! I cam't wait to see what happens next, my friend.
11/18/2016 c5 keiman and kei
His elemental companions are both good and evil and so is Natsu. Controlling his powers will be a full time job for Tsuna and he is clearly the Giotto of legend. And I think that Timoteo and the other teachers are afraid of Tsuna same as the Jonin Shinobi 'Sensei' are sometimes fearful of Naruto. No of the kid himself, but afraid of what is inside of him and which is becoming increasingly difficult to control. When the Kyune came out and acquired 5 of his 9 tails, Naruto's powers wiped out ten square miles of territory! Tsuna has the potential to accomplish this and much much more. One more to go.
11/18/2016 c4 keiman and kei
Now I am reminded of another character, this time from 'Bleach'. Orihime is a healer with very powerful sprite compnions similar to the infants of Tsuna's ceremony. In addition to providing healing, Orihime is also able to form energy shields to protect herself and her soul reaper as well as human friends. Tsuna lost his focus and with it his control when his powers slammed poor Teacher into a stone wall! However, control will come when T learns to focus and channel his chakra-like energy. I must finish the rest of EF today.
11/18/2016 c3 keiman and kei
So T's element is 'Sky'. That means that he controls the other 6 elements as well since all 6 can be found in the Sky. The ritual is very much like 'Alchemy'. BTW, 'Alchemy' is a true science, not a made up magical power. 'Chaos' surprised me at the end. Natsu is clearly his familiar in much the same way that the all-knowing owl 'Hedwig' is Harry Potter's familiar. Aha! I was correct. Tsuna is Japanese and clearly lives in Japan. You keep placing Japanese terms throughout your tale, fairy. T's powers have been released through his own blood. Blood is a powerful life force and has been used by every culture in the world in legends and myths. I feel that T is the culmination of the 'legend' or rather, the 'prophecy' the same as in Naruto. Now, can T control his awesome 'Sky' elemental powers? Only time will tell, my friend.
11/18/2016 c2 keiman and kei
Aha! The teen 'G' in Giotto's dreams is clearly an older 'Giotto' hence the 'name is too familiar'. Now I recognize Giotto. He is almost the same as Naruto Yuzimaki, the Ninja Genin Shinobi. Because Naruto's body contained the 'Kyune', the nine-tailed Fox Demon, he was despised and ridiculed throughout his life although, according to prophecy, he will some day achieve greatness and bring peace at last to the Five Lands. Wind and Water are N's 'elements' and the source of all of his 'jutsu' powers. I don't believe that Tsuna's powers are going to be weak. Clearly, the ceremony will release his dormant powers and reveal his elements. Yes, elements. He will be quite powerful, but kind-hearted and good. Like Tsuna, I love strawberry pancakes although they are difficult to make. Banana and apple pancakes are the easiest. BTW, how old are Giotto and Tsuna? I put them between 8 and 10. The teen is still a few years off. The ceremony seems like the State Alchemist test that Ed Elric took when he was 14 or 15. Hence his 'Fullmetal Alchemist' title. His 'test' involved saving test'. I don't say that T's ceremony will be anywhere near as powerful or dangerous. His elements, in my opinion, will be air and water. Don't ask me why. I just feel them within this child's body. I'll review Ch 3 and then serve dinner. Keep it up, fairy. Very very good indeed.
11/18/2016 c1 keiman and kei
What a kicker, fairy! To begin with an allegorical tale or legend and to wind up as it being a bedtime story for a young Elemental. At first, I thought Elementals were akin to the Eternals encountered by Tegan and Turlough on their 'Enlightenment' adventure w/ Dr Who #5- Peter Davidson. However, 'Eternals' are bored magical being who are selfish and cruel. 'Elementals', especially with the Ancient Greek settings, seem to be more akin to the god-like 'Muses'. Not enough yet to know anything except that the 'boy' freed by 'Giotto' is probably 'Hermes/Mercury', the mischievous mnessenger of the gods if he is not, in fact, the goat-god 'Pan'. I like the fact that the bedtime boy is Japanese (Tsun) and his Mama (Nana). Nana always reminds me of 'Peter Pan' though because that was the name of the Darling children's babysitter dog. Can't wait to read the rest of EF. Later.
10/11/2016 c6 Guest
I'm a bit confused, but I'm pretty sure that the confusion will be cleared up by the next chapter...
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