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for Elemental flames

10/3/2016 c6 KateKyuu
3 i lov your story ;) can't wait for next hapter ;)
9/8/2016 c6 6samchon25
i thought the summoning is arcobaleno but actually not? i mean the balck one is reborn but who's the golden one? is it colonello? so, the another is the real guardian tsuna? is it chrome too? or just mukuro?
8/2/2016 c6 Sweet Lover
Other than Mukuro and Reborn,the others haven't said a word this few chapters...! I think that's too silent...Yup. Definitely too silent.
4/25/2016 c6 26The Plot Bunny Whisperer
Okay, wasn't expecting that. Nice chapter, if a little heavy on the internal monologging. I look forward to seeing where this goes. :)
4/25/2016 c5 The Plot Bunny Whisperer
That was quite a rollarcoaster of emotion. Why were some words in bold? Most f them didn't seem like something that needed emphasis. Were they beta edits?
4/25/2016 c4 The Plot Bunny Whisperer
I got a little confused when you were introducing them, but I liked the description of the ritual. It's interesting how he seems to be curing them.
4/25/2016 c3 The Plot Bunny Whisperer
I'm liking this more and more! I love fantasy, so the feel of this story is great.

AHHH~ Reborn~! XD
4/25/2016 c2 The Plot Bunny Whisperer
The legend is really interesting. I assume wind is the replacement for storm and water for rain? Thinking of Hibari as 'air headed' makes me giggle a bit. Nice chapter!
4/25/2016 c1 The Plot Bunny Whisperer
This is such a unique idea! I love it!
1/20/2016 c6 Sunmy
12/28/2015 c5 1Ender the multiverse Detective
Very good
9/12/2015 c6 Scalaiah
I like it and i want more!
WRITE! Please!

8/4/2015 c6 filipalope88
another chapter please
5/20/2015 c6 Tyrelion
More! Hopefully it gets updated real quick! Writing style grammar flow and plot are all 10/10
5/9/2015 c6 taebeary
Oh my god dhdsjsss I like this kind of story! It's so intense and so good! Tsuna as their sky and their mate ;;;; so adorable! The way they showed some protective behaviour towards Tsuna awwww
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