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1/1/2015 c6 thor94
interesting chapter.
ask who are the 7 remains summons?
Can't wait the lemons too
1/1/2015 c6 11jaemin16
Lol that ending though. Mokuro is still a perv even when he's little. I really do enjoy this story. Can't wait to see the others interact with Tsuna. I love how Nana is so mysterious. I wanna know what she's up to and what she knows about Tsuna's case with his mates.
1/1/2015 c6 1Masked Benevolence
Gah its sooo cute! Can't stop fangirling! Hope they'll turn to adults soon and then tsu chan will be surrounded by hawt bishies! *Squeals like a rabid guineapig*. But of course their child form is very cute too, though I guess it does look kinda disturbing, I can already imagine the other students mocking and label him as a pedo... Wait a min, Mukuro is there and he's in baby form? No matter he's also hot amd at least its not fran(the person I thought would be the second mist user). *Sob* I'm so jealous with tsuna now, surrounded with very handsome and OP characters as his mates *cries at corner* I want them too! But now he has mates that acts like bodyguards! Yay potentially no more bully-ing and they can just swoop to the rescue like knights in shining armor *Mouth frothing while fantasising their adult forms flirting with tsuna*. Anyway I'm waiting forward for more of your awesome chapters thats also the best by being nice and long!
1/1/2015 c5 belladu57
Very good
1/1/2015 c6 5LittleSnowChild
Owh. I thought that it's the whole Arcobaleno's going to be Tsuna's mate.
12/31/2014 c6 Takatou
I wonder what's inside the present that Nana hid. Why can't he open it until tomorrow? and did Nana already knew that Tsuna will get 8 mates? after all she gives present for Tsuna's mates too right? I wonder where she goes? And who is that person in the tree?

So, it's Mukuro huh? I wonder what will happen with Tsuna's life, now that he has that many mates? For once, I know that it won't be boring. Oh, and I want to see his classmates reaction when he saw that Tsuna has that many mates. I hope they won't say that it was a lie or an accident or something like that.

Please update the next chapter soon. XD
12/31/2014 c6 14twilightserius
welp he is screwed TvT
11/29/2014 c5 3Lumi yoshinigama
Pls update soon
11/12/2014 c5 Takatou
MORE PLEASE! This story is awesome! I really really like it. It's amazing. I really like how the story flow and the details of the summon. I love the time when Tsuna said those summoning sentence, it leaves me breathless, it's seem so sincere, I especially like this part 'And I offer my willpower, my reason to live, the essence that makes me who I am, to entwine us, soul, body and mind together.'

I'm happy that he got so many mates, it makes me want to rub it in Tsuna's bullies face and shout that Tsuna is superior than they all are. And I also really like how Reborn and Colonello pendant transformed into an animal that looks so detail, but the ather arcobaleno pendant will also transforme into their respective animal right? Maybe when they get closer to Tsuna?

I wonder what Nana's reaction will be, I bet she'll be really happy that his son got so many mates, at least that's what I though.

Oh, and Tsuna summon 8 of them right? And I know there's no sky flame user among them and there's only one rain user, which mean there's no Lal Mitch, and from what I remember, there's 2 mist flame users in there, one is Viper and the other is...? Is it Fran? Maybe it is.

One last thing, what will the tenth generation guardian role be in here? I know Takeshi has already makes an appearance, and he's one of the student in there, so what will happen to them?

Can't wait for the net one, please update soon, I can't wait to see the continuation of this story and want to read more and more. Thx. XD
10/6/2014 c5 Toolazytologin
Is the silver haired guy gokudera or is it an oc? I'm really curious now please please please update and i wanna know more about giottos legend. Nice story by the way
10/3/2014 c5 Kurodekira
Reborn and Colonello are so possessive. I love it i can't wait to see what Nana does when she sees all of Tsuna's mates.
10/1/2014 c5 wiiTneSs
Wow can't wait to see the others reaction who have looked down on tsuna.
9/29/2014 c5 HeartsOfStone
Yay! New chapter! Finally! I thought u had given up on this story! Please continue to update! I look forward to the new chapter!
9/29/2014 c5 Niknok19
a lovely story, good luck in the upcoming updates
9/28/2014 c5 6h1lovecupcakes
THAT WAS AWESOME. I couldn't even understand when did it start and when did it end! God I so need a new chapter here lol :D
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