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8/19/2014 c3 Yenaya
You're making me really curious about this. It's obvious that Reborn is Tsuna's mate because of the chaos, but does Tsuna have more than one? You never really specific how the ceremony would go if it was done correctly, is it normal for the symbols to glow? In also curious about the flames. The difference between them and then ones from Canon seem to make them fit to the Arcobaleno's personalities, Fon the wind, Reborn the sun/fire, Verde the lightning/earth, Colonello the water, Mamon the mist, and Skull the cloud. If you think about it, their characteristics and flames match perfectly. But I'm also wondering about the two extra symbols, especially the one that has never been seen before. Is it possible for a sky to summon a sky? Is that new symbol the night flame that Bermuda uses? Is it the one Nana was talking about? But if it was never seen before how did Nana know about it in the first place? And what about Lal? She had rain and mist flames in Canon, but she was an incomplete Arcobaleno. I'm also wondering, will they be humans? Wouldn't it be weird if all of them were? What other species are there anyways? And what about Natsu? You never really explained how, when, or where Tsuna and Natsu met. And what about Nana's mate, is it Iemitsu? Where is he then? And how about the guardians? And Enma? Is he going to be in this story too?

I'm not expecting you to actually answer all these cause if you do you'll practically be ruining your own story, but this is just to let you know I'm curious and I want answers so you better keep writing.
8/14/2014 c3 Guest
The ritual was kind of confusing. I thought Natsu was just a stuffed animal.
8/14/2014 c3 Guest
Plz plz update. I'm not kidding when I say that I check this story to see is there's any update every other day and I've being doing that since chap 3 came out. I love this and I really want to see wat happens next. Plz upload soon xD
7/31/2014 c3 SRB
You have no idea how much I love this story! It's a wonderful idea, and very well written if I might add. I hope you keep up with it dear! :)
7/29/2014 c3 Guest
Hi! I am very interested in seeing how this story goes! Sorry I don't have a better review right now!
7/29/2014 c3 1Foxluna
-giggling- we all know the one and only person to say Chaos. Reborn himself.
now this is going to get really good.
though i have to wonder what set Natsu off to get him all excited to where he made a complete mess of everything and Tsuna trying to clean the circle and touching the sky symbol triggered it to activate and start the ceremony or ritual in which he'd get his mate/mates.
i wonder who all he'll be mated to...?
-giggling- im very excited to read more so looking forward to the next chapter big time!
7/29/2014 c3 sousie
7/27/2014 c3 Guest
7/29/2014 c3 4MyWeirdoEyes
No! *sniff,sniff* You can't end it like this! What kind of torture is this? I'm going to die from this,I swear! (Not really,people don't die that easily) Still that was a really mean point to end the chapter. You had me all excited and stuff and then BAM. It's like having a door slammed in your face. (I wouldn't know,really. Never had a door slammed din my face.) But you get what I mean don't you? I like the story a lot.

Though I have to admit I don't care a lot for the Giotto parts. But I suppose they're important. That teacher that told Tsuna he was useless was a real bitch. What kind of person talks like that to an 8-year old. Makes you want to bash their face in. (Well,no but it does make want to destroy her career. You decide which one is preferable) I wonder who slammed the door open. One of Timoteo's mates maybe? And are the other Acrobaleno also there? Since you only let Reborn speak. Still as much as I hate the fact that you left such a cliffhanger as ending I kind of like the ending. It's sensual...Are you also involving Bermuda in the fic? Since there was a symbol Tsuna didn't recognize...In either case I'm liking the story and am pretty sure I'll continue to like it. Unless you're going to do something crazy like Mpreg...Cause in that case I'm running away screaming.
7/27/2014 c3 Guest
Oh my god!Update soon!It is finally the oh man Natsu is the one at fault i laughed so hard at the part where tsuna found out how submissive he is.
7/29/2014 c3 10Xxferessa-TanXx
is it R27? Wow another story of one of my favorite pair love it. Well anyway I like the plot so far and i am excited to read next chapter so please don't torture me with long waited chapter I will suffer (puppy eyes no jutsu)
7/29/2014 c3 7readerdreamer5625
In my time as a reader of KHR fanfics (not too long, I assure you) these sorts of AUs have always piqued my interest, probably due to my previous work under another account for Baka to Test.

These story has an interesting background attached to it, as while Giotto is (probably) being posed as the founder of elemental society, Tsuna is slowly revealed to have hidden capabilities.

As shown in this recent chapter, Tsuna didn't summon just 6, (Arcobaleno minus Luce/Uni/Aria) or 7 (all Arcobaleno including one Sky), but 8. The thing is, I have a passing idea on your planned 'extra' element. If in the 'past' side of the story starrs Giotto, then there is still a chance Cozarto is revealed as the extra element other than the 7. That would mean that the one character with the matching element would be... Enma.

Please tell me that's true. I love 0027 scenes, may it be friendship or romance, and though R27 is already assured, that pairing is a little iffy for me as the entire manga was basically R27 mixed with puppy K27 and H27.
7/29/2014 c2 readerdreamer5625
I have really huge expectations for this story!
7/26/2014 c3 12anarose
Yehey! It's reborn!
Can't wait for the next one! ;)
7/26/2014 c3 HeartsOfStone
Wow! This story is really good. I like the plot and the whole ritual thing. I think it's a very creative history. Can't wait for Tsuna to meet his mates. Poor Tsuna...being the submissive one in a group of all dominants. ( I'm assuming all the Arcobaleno are dominant, since I can't really see them any other way ). I have a few questions. Is Bemuda going to be in this? And what role is Vongola and other mafia famillies going to play in this? What about Tsuna's guardians? But anyway, great story, please continue it! By the way, I noticed a lot of words were bolded. Was that on purpose? Anyway, love your story, please update soon!
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