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9/25/2016 c12 3Ryan Mashall
This is scute! U should add a festival scene or somthn Eijun needs tht first kiss
2/13/2016 c12 Guest
Oh man this is gooooooooooooodddd, yooo you surpassed my expectations, it was as if you already knew what I was looking for all alongggg daaammmmnnnnnn ! The story is incredibly interesting and well writtennnn, wow man.
10/5/2015 c9 2tsuri182718
i love your history but i can not read because is very hard for my heart i dont want to see miyuki suffer i always wait to that and my litle heart cant support
9/14/2015 c12 9Aquarica
WOW! This is really well-written story. I love it!
8/10/2015 c3 25AspergianStoryteller
Oo, here's a shot at a good shock for Miyuki: what if Sawamura was so baffled and curious about cutting that he tried it and Miyuki caught him and was like, oh crap! I can't let him get hooked too!
8/10/2015 c1 AspergianStoryteller
Heavy pressure for high school kid. Shouldn't it be, try your best?
8/9/2015 c12 23gizmo5225
Oh geez. Kuramochi knows and now Ryousuke? That'll be interesting. I like all the little details you put in, really great job with your writing :D Keep it up and good luck in school!
8/9/2015 c12 5Lunary
I like it.
It's sad to know how much they hurt and how much could be prevented if they would just talk openly with the other, but that's what makes it so hard I guess.

The fear to hurt the other person...

Anyway I look forward to the next chapter.

8/8/2015 c12 rayrayswimusic
asdfghjkl so good ! holy crap...I'm so amazed by your prowess! HOLY CRAP BEAUTIFUL! ahhhhh!
6/9/2015 c11 BabyGhost123
I loved the chapter and how it got into depth with Miyuki...update soon
5/3/2015 c11 Lunary
I'm through with re reading it :)

Like promised.

Personally I think Ochai or what ever his name needs to go, he could very well break something not repairable at all.

I look forward to the next chapter :)

2/21/2015 c11 7Chick1966
I hope everything turned out okay. So um when are the other team members going to find out about the self-harm?
1/25/2015 c11 70Nitta-san
¡Hi, persona bonita! (is the same nickname I gave you the first time) I think is really pretty and cute.

I can't believe I pass like three days reading your history. Well, I do not regret because is amazing, like always, and you know so well how much I like this from the first sentence. Miyuki is just so adorable (important, because I have a relation love-hate with him) and Sawamura is a little baby for me. The part most important for me in this chapter was:
"Why dont you ever kiss me?"
"I dont know... maybe I just dont want to kiss you"
"So... youre unhappy".
Really, my heart stopped and I was like "¡NO! ¡PLEASE, NO! DONT DO IT BECAUSE MY HEART IS FRAGILE".

I want this two guys be happy together like a perfect couple :(

Your history is really, really amazing. I love it so much! I need read more and more! Good luck in your school! You are in the last grade? Well, maybe this doesn't matter but me too! So I understand (a little) the pressure of that. Sorry for annoying you with so much review, but really I needed write this. Again, good luck in everything! I liked so much and Ill be waiting for the next chapter.

¡Muchas inspiración para el futuro porque realmente me ha gustado cada palabra que has puesto! Espero que Doña Musa inspiración sea buena contigo. Nos vemos entonces :3
1/24/2015 c6 Nitta-san
Uh, well, well, you were right. I liked this chapter so much! I enjoyed (I not put review the chapter 5 because I need read this). I cant with the Sawamura family. Really a lovely family! Im happy because they didn't say nothin bad about the feelings of Miyuki. He is so cute when is nervous, but surprise! Cute family for him.

I have to stand out the "Youre so adorable... you know that?"
OMG. Miyuki, stop your comments flirting for the sake of my heart!
So cute everything /(-)/
In this chapter my absoluty favorite part is this: "So, give me the details" "Bullpen" "Anything else?" "Nope. Just confessions, a simple forehead kiss, and we held hands in the way back".
"Just confession"? No! Thats all the chapter! The most important (?)

Sawamura have to stop thinking about the stupid thing of "Im dont deserve a great boyfriend like Miyuki". Really, man? I wanna go there and shake him. Miyuki is happy with him, why he cant understand that? Well, I have so much to read yet and maybe you going to do a crazy return (giros locos por todas partes) in the story. Oh, crap, I really, really want that couple stay together for the end of the world but with the last sentence of the previous chapter... Im a little paranoid now. What happen if Miyuki does something dork? Or if his father learns about his relationship?

I love too the part of the three argument about their boyfriends. Funny!

Another thing to rescue here for all the life: "You make people smile even when their life is just complete shit." If I got you permission, next state of whatsapp is going to be that.
1/24/2015 c3 Nitta-san
Okay. That flashback was so much for the sake of my heart. The father of Kazuya ir really... hm... hard to drive. Maybe I can say is a bad person. Why he has to say as many shit words her own son? Poor Miyuki (I don't get tired to say this all the chapters).

The part where Sawamura is healing the cuts of Miyuki is so... perfect and sad, the two feelings at the same time. Somebody looking yours wounds is something so personal, it is a very similar feeling of someone watch you naked (Yeah, Im crazy but I feel like that), so if somebody cure your wounds is like there is enormous trust. A big and important point to stand out.

Sawamura makes Miyuki always laugh what adorable couple they are!

Now Im happy for they :3 Amazing, like always.
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