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1/1/2018 c10 28Imperial-samaB
Very well done
12/29/2017 c3 Imperial-samaB
This is funny
9/8/2017 c10 Ezok
Hey guys. First, let me welcome our new host Enshuu-chan, be careful not become too much like your Onii-chan. That said, It's been a crazy week, huh. A pillar of light straight out of a Marvel movie and the whole fog thing.
All right, here's some information that would have been interesting during valentines but some personal research left me unavaliable to post this here.
I have a friend who has an ESPer ability to see into dreams randomly. Apparently, he received three strange dreams on Valentine's. Normally, they wouldn't be too interesting, just some lewd dreams about spending a night with the Tou-man. Thing is, my friend also has the ability to know the gender of the dreamer, represented by a binary color haze(blue if male and pink if female) that manifests in his visions. And, as you've probably guessed, these dreams were accompanied by a blue haze.
So, ladies and getlemen, it looks like the Kami-yan disease has taken root on the not-so fairer sex.
Here are some descriptions of the dreams.
The first was about a blonde girl wearing sunglasses and Hawaiian shirts, the second was about a blue haired girl happily being the botton for the prime carrier of the disease. But it's the third that's more interesting. Apparently, she actually had a name. It's Suzushina Yuriko. So, dear guests. Who is this Yuriko "girl" that isn't too bothered by paltry things like sex barriers who fell for our object of discussion.
Now, if you will excuse me, a gentlemen name Moses gave me an interesting task of studies. He said that it would be best for my health if I researched methods of survivals for a "wolverine-like Onmyouji", a "big brother-like technopath" and something called "the kihara counter". These are the reasons I took so long to post this message. Such fascinating techniques that I lost track of time.
3/31/2017 c10 Guest
I think the real question is: Does the Kami-yan disease worked on married women?
3/30/2017 c10 4whwsms
(piggybacking for a moment on what Anon Guest said) IF it is that Aogami and Tsuchimikado both have what amounts to a natural immunity against the (as-yet unconfirmed) harem-granting effects of a Touma Punch (TM), how will they react to that revelation?
3/27/2017 c10 Anon Guest
A little supposition - in the same way that it's theorized that Kamijou's Right Hand (Imagine Breaker) cannot affect naturally-occurring phenomena, perhaps the reason why to date Tsuchimikado and Aogami don't have their own harems after receiving a Touma Punch (TM) is that their respective affinities as the 'Siscon Sargent" and the "Fetish King" are actually quite natural - ergo, Touma Punch (TM) won't work on them.

Uh, now that the core harem seems to have been established as of Chapter 43 of "Twist Of Fate", is Touma still attracting females (even if unconsciously)?
3/27/2017 c10 2Warmach1ne32
Thank you for answering my question, guys

Is everything alright? the podcast cut off in the middle there. I hope someone didn't enrage a certain lvl5 and overload the power grid, again (cough) Kami (cough).

Anyway it's not so much a question but theory I have when I am studying what Kamijou does between meeting female and having her fall for him. First stage would be to help them and build trust between the subjects and the female would lower her guard when around Kamijou (giving the disease an opening), from saving a damsel in distress or helping carry the groceries or something, basically a videogame quest from a female character. The 2nd stage would be saying something profound enough to raise her respect of him nurturing the growth of the disease. The 3rd and final stage would be Kami-Yan accepting the female to his harem. What do you guys think of this theory? Think you can test that theory in a experiment? If you succeed the keys to making a harem is yours.

However I want to know who would you guys pick as member of your harem if you succeed?
12/11/2016 c9 Super Saiai
How about the British princesses? Which of them were hit by the Kami-yan disease? Carissa? Villian's nice but a certain mercenary saint guarding her probably also guarded her from the disease.
9/23/2016 c9 8Dragonrails
We have to hear from Lessar Leivinia and Touma's cousin I'm sure they have a lot to say about being in the harem
8/22/2016 c9 Lunarwolf150
Really like the latest update. Sometime, can last order come on the show with maika? I think they know each other in canon. I think last orders little brand of personality is the last thing the show needs
8/18/2016 c9 whwsms
There are lots of things you can focus on (some of which have been posted before in no specific order): the "lost podcast" seeking to explain the Kami-Yan Disease from the P.O.V. of the "magic" side, more (ahem) research about the Touma Punch (TM) and its ability to grant the punch-ee (if it's a male) a girlfriend or even his own harem in the future, random interviews with persons who have received a Touma Punch (TM) - Accelerator, Hamazura, Etzali, Stiyl, etc., investigations into the origins of the Kami-Yan Disease (although there might be trouble if Aogami and/or Tsuchimikado begin stalking/spying upon Touma's parents), the next ad featuring that idol singer who received (I think) seven Touma Punches (TM) to break the spell over AC as a whole (see Chapter 43 of "Twist Of Fate") ... the possibilities are virtually endless.
8/18/2016 c9 Geust's Account
Finally after a very long wait!

So Aogami, is it okay for you to have Enshuu to be included in Kami's harem?
For the both of you, who has the potential of being "another one" (as said of another harem member) of his as of late?
8/18/2016 c9 2Warmach1ne32
Is there a way to cure Kami-chan's harem? or is a different more powerful disease is needed to break it's curse? Also best wishes to Fuki and Judgement Girl :D
8/18/2016 c9 11UCCMaster
Would love to see an analysis of Sogiita's growing harem. The 'supposed' future son of Kamijou. Also does Accelerator have a Misaka Sister harem? Or do the Sisters still go after Touma? Shiage seems to have an ITEM minus Frenda harem and so on...
So my request: analysis of other growing harems with the Urban Legends expert. I would assume the Kami disease is an urban legend. Oh and maybe feature two of the most neglected characters in all the 'verse: Haruee and Edasaki.
10/17/2015 c8 Xenvic
Oh i heard from your time traveler friend, you know who I'm talking about, that I could go to this other universe with u guys in it and do you like it (a certain infinite possibility) in the more recent bits it has kami yan act as a lady killer and ends up saying in an interview he's dating all lv 5 girls hahahhahahah
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