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for Natsu Finds His Swords in a Mermaid

1/11/2016 c10 VGHS
I can't find the story " Your My mermaid, I'm your dragon"
1/11/2016 c10 Guest
I can't find the fist chapter of Your my mermaid, I'm your dragon
12/15/2015 c10 Guest
12/15/2015 c10 luckoftheirish2015
Cant wait for the sequal
11/28/2015 c4 34SethStriker
When will you make the sequel? I can't wait! Little suggestion, you should this line where Natsu says "You think forcing me back to Fairy Tail will make things right?! Let me make it clear that I never want to go back to that guild! Not after what you did!" Anyway great work!
10/3/2015 c10 Guest
Did you make one that's after this
9/14/2015 c12 Guest
Please post the sequel.
9/13/2015 c7 Guest
Chapter 6 Most explanatory legemd of all time
8/13/2015 c1 1Unruly King
I think you can use character from Mahou Sensou (Magical Warfare) couse they also use magic.
8/10/2015 c11 4neill15
Please update soon
8/9/2015 c11 freddyboo
ok so you need help you can use this one
hair:white and short and spikey
outfit:black tank top - yellow enchanted ear percings
magic:animal and wolf
back story: up to you your back sortys are petty good well done
high:same age of wendy
7/25/2015 c11 2015LewamusPrime
Black Dragon's Roar:similar roar like Acnologia to make a huge radiation dark beam the blast was powerful enough to "completely eradicate" mountain, Island and imprint a giant crater into the ocean but koas can tone it down so he won't killed no one

Black Dragon's Claw: engulf their feet with darkness energy and proceeds to assault the opponent with a powerful Dark-enhanced kick, with the Darkness greatly augmenting the power of said kick. They can also create Darkness from the feet, greatly enhancing super speed and allowing the user to jet-propel in any direction they desire. This makes it easier for the user to get close to opponents that they wish to engage in close combat. The user can also combine the jet-propulsion capabilities of this spell for use with other techniques

Black Dragon's Brutal Fist:engulfs their fist in Darkness energy and then punches their opponent, causing, aside from sheer blunt Brutal damage,Injured, damage from the Darkness as well. This attack can also be performed with both hands at once even can break matter object and with full power can launch people to they air even beak some bones

Black Dragon's Wing Attack:rushes forward against two opponents. While doing so, the user produces a large stream of Darkness from each of their arms, which, when it comes in contact with the foes, Explosion them and at the same time sends them flying away behind them due to the brutal force of the produced Darkness. Such Darkness take the rough form of a pair of Dragon's wings, thus the name of the attack. This spell can also by employed by first grabbing the targets' heads and then producing the Darkness to strike them, or this spell is portrayed differently: user first jumps into the air, and then unleashed two streams of Darkness from their hands, subsequently swinging such streams at the opponent and blowing them away

Black Dragon's Sword Horn:engulfs their entire body in Darkness Aura and then propels themselves against the opponent at Very high speed, hitting them with a powerful headbutt can make the opponent cough a bit of blood . The user then proceeds to send the enemy flying up in the air with a pillar of Exploded Darkness produced from their body

Black Dragon's Sacred Darkness: generates full power Darkness on both of their hands and then joins them, creating a unique, Giant Darkness as a result. When such flame collides with the enemy, it creates a very massive and destructive throws a very large Giant Darkness at the enemy, blowing them away being bruises,damage,cuts, and injured

Black Dragon's Dark Elbow: creates intense, engulf Dark energy from their elbow, boosting the striking power of the corresponding arm, which they then use to strike the target of a strong explosion, who is then sent flying away from the user

Black Dragon's Crushing Fang:engulf one of their hands into full dark energy and then swings it in an arc, striking the target with their finger tips,Drain their magic energy or leaving a high explosion of Darkness in their wake

Black Dragon's Grip Strike:rushes towards the target and grabs them with their hand very hard. Whilst giving the attacking arm support with the other, the user releases a vast amount of Huge explosive Radiation Darkness energy at point-blank range, Damage,Bruises,burning the target.

Black Dragon's Tail: turning his legs into darkness energy to do a roundhouse kick to bruise or injured even sometime break anything someone hard to launch his opponent

Black Dragon 's Vortex:Extending one arm towards his opponent,activates the gravity power of his darkness to pull them into his grasp. can then attack them with his massive strength. , since the target could easily avoid it by fighting at a distance from koas

Black Dragon's Bottomless pit: spreads his darkness over a large area and, much like an actual black hole, swallows up anything he chooses. When swallowed, the person or object is subjected to a large amount of gravity and crushed, such as an entire village on the island or use his hand to can absorb things inside a vortex. does completely compress and annihilate that which is sucked in as an actual black hole would do, but rather creates some form of space where things are stored. able to suck an entire city into it and, when eventually regurgitated, everything expelled was reduced to scraps but not completely destroyed. The opponent that koas could sucked in also survived, although they were heavily wounded and in shock

Black Dragon's Rising Pit:After use Black Dragon's Bottomless pit expels all of the destroyed remains of what his darkness had swallowed up at once. This is especially good at demonstrating his reshadowed that this attack can possibly be used to launch cannon balls and swords like projectiles.

Black Dragon's Jaw: locks their hands together in a tight fist and swings them down onto the target, both smashing them into the ground and creating a destructive circular shockwave or Earthquake

Black Dragon's Tail whip :make a whip long made of dark energy stronger to break solid matter

Black Dragon's Pistol: extends his right arm and fires a small, thin, very fast and concentrated laser-like Dark beam from his index finger, which barrels down and pierces through the opponent. The user is able to fire the attack very fast and quickly, while maintaining precise aim and creating a giant explosion.

Black Dragon's breath: make a huge black mist covers the area surrounding his opponent in darkness, blocking their vision only koas can see darkness mist

Black Dragon's Scales: cover his body of dragon's scales for defense even for heavy attack, hard impact, survive brute strength sometime and is very durable like Acnologia's skin and can survive falling

Black Dragon's Wall:make a giant or any size of a dark energy shield barrier for defense for ultimate attack

BlackDragon's machine Gun:can make a machine gun mode of dark energy ad a very fast dark energy bullets

Black Dragon's Dark knee:enfulf his knee into darknes energy and knee his opponent in the guts very brutal and can be very painful

SecretDragon Slyer Art

Secret Dragon slayer Art:Divine Chaos:Grim Reaper Exploding Dark Scythe:engulf their arms into darkness to shape as scythe even their body and generates long torrents of full power Darkness from them,then propels themselves toward the target, leaving behind a long wake of Explosion Darkness, and hitting them with a devastating Punch This move to hit the enemy in a spiraling formation Each connecting strike generates a powerful, burning even larger explosion

Secret Dragon slayer Art:Divine Chaos:Armageddon Hell Bang :if koas in they air extends his hand forward and forms a powerful energy sphere fires the attack at the opponent, inflicting a high amount of damage and even creating a large red and dark e dome of energy upon contact. This attack creates an enormous explosion upon contact and leaves a huge mushroom cloud. Or if koas in land and not fly, raises his hand up in the air and charges a Dark aura around his body. Then, he fires a massive barrage of Black and white energy waves up into the air to rain down on the opponent, inflicting a large amount of damage

Secret Dragon slayer Art:Apocalypse Graveyard: draws his hands back and gathers up his merge his darkness with dark energy with electric like charge Then, he thrusts his palms forward and discharges a massive Black and blue beam of energy towards his is attack creates an the huge explosion upon contact and leaves a huge mushroom cloud even leaves a total and heavy damage

Secret Dragon slayer Art:Black Dragon King Destruction Fist: charges their fist for a brief moment, releasing a Giant and large quantity of absolute Darkness energy in the process. Afterwards, the user punches their target, dealing massive damage to them; so massive, in fact, that it even breaks their victim into pieces, regardless of their size.


Also three magical Armor

crystal armor

abilities : can be fire proof ,lighting proof, time proof and energy proof even he can absorb lighting even energy. He has the ability to manipulate the atomic structure of his physiology at will, allowing him to form his limbs into any crystal weapons such as blades , claws , huge mechanical gauntlets ,sword blades, metal teeth, battle axe, spiked maces, drills, hammer, shield,wrecking balls and bludgeons. Moreover, he can control all crystals he generates. He can fire crystal shards sequentially out of his hands, he can create a powerful attack in which he expels shards in all directions, and as he aged the shards, they began to explode upon impact. He can make monstrous clusters of crystals, conjuring walls and forming crystal shields and ramps. He can reshape his projectiles into limited shapes, and can also form gaping hands to capture enemies and to levitate crystal prism by created some from the ground by controlling generated crystal and is extremely very durable to physical impacts and never break. He has withstood being punched and as crystals do not can create a powerful attack in which he expels shards in all directions, and as he aged the shards, they began to explode upon can make monstrous clusters of crystals, conjuring walls and forming crystal shields and ramps. and can also form gaping hands to capture enemies even no one can escape of being diamond trap even ultraviolet positive energy projection, energy absorption, regeneration, flight, amazing strength, making powerful forcefields, crystal generation, energy refraction and redirection, crystal shard projectiles, explosive crystals, crystal weapon manifestation, can sense anyones energy, strong will power

with his crystal armor it have all and control emerald, ruby, amber, diamond, sapphire , cobalt crystal any crystal type you can name it altogether

even his crystal armor is immune to time magic and even never age
Clockwork armor

abilities:he can slow time or fast forwar
7/24/2015 c11 Zecorax
You can use Lanaria. But change her magic to something more deadly. Like... Dark Lightning Flame Demon Dragon God Slaying. Don't worry. Tone her powers down. I thank you if you input her into the story. Thanks.
7/24/2015 c11 Guest
Name: Zero Maelstrom
Magic: Take-over: Demon (use Bleach Hollows as such)
Appearance: red and blue eyes, silver hair, toned body, slightly tan
Clothes: black hoodie, white wife-beater, black jeans and combat boots
Personality: will flirt with girls but will never break a relationship, and likes to talk to anyone

P.S. if too OP, PM at ShadowFoxAce
7/26/2015 c11 BlackDragonShinigami
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