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for Natsu Finds His Swords in a Mermaid

7/25/2015 c11 5Nega Kris
My oc it's shirotsune tatsumi he is a bit of an asshole but he's a nice guy who is a bit psychotic and sadistic his magic is darkness devil slayer meaning he gets a power up from eating the darkness in people's hearts but this also triggers his psychosis, he has blood red eyes long spiky white hair and he wears a black trench coat with lavender tribal markings on it fingerless gloves black jeans and black sneakers( don't look at me like that, just use zerefs attire from the waist down) he is calm most of the time and whenever he fights he tries to accurately take somebody down by hitting vitals also he can obey any order or command you give him just don't expect him to tell you about his past
7/24/2015 c11 11Shadow Ace Fox
Name: Silver Maelstrom
Age: 20
Height: 187
Weight: 50
Appearance: Silver hair, Red (Left) and Blue (Right) eyes, toned body
Clothes: Black hoodie, red wife-beater, black jeans, combat boots
Magic: Take-over: Devils (Use Bleach Arrancars Resurrección as powers)
Requip: Bleach Blades All
Personality: easy going, likes to flirt but can be serious and deadly when provoked. also likes to kiss girls without reasons
7/24/2015 c11 14Bronzeapollo
Personal Information

Name: Haruka Kaito

Nickname(s): Anomaly

Sex: Male

Birth Year: X765

Age: 19

Looks and Appearance

Body Type/Looks: He is average body type if not a bit muscular, his looks are average

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 190 pounds

Blood Type: B-

Hair Style: Short spiky Teal colored hair, few are not spiked falling right above his eyes

Outfits: White overcoat, white shirt, black cargo shorts, and a sword strapped around his back in a black scabbard.

Accessories/Jewelry: black sunglasses, a golden necklace with a green gem, and a golden ring he twirls around his finger

Scars/Piercings/Tattoos: Scar down the middle of his face between his eyes diagonally over his nose. He has a pair of Silver earring with white gems. He has no tattoos

Eyes/Eyes color: Gold with Black star Pupils

Personality: Haruka is an extremely bright person but is scared to speak to people. Having grown up alone with no family, he hides in the shadows of crowds. He is social when spoken too but doesn't speak unless spoken too. He puts other friends safety above his own fearing of their death. He is looking for something that has always been alluding him. He plans everything that happens up to the T then some more after. Never letting his anger get the better of him he never rushes into a fight. He loves to stare up at the night sky feeling at peace under its glow. Even through this all he is scared, scared of his past coming back.

Likes: Quietness, nighttime, stars, fire, jokes, darkness, strong opponents, and thinking

Dislikes: Morning, Loud people, weak opponents, Sun, and rhetorical questions

History/Bio: At the age of 5 his parents were assassinated. He was born as a prince but the day his parents were killed he ran. He ran away hoping to never be found. His brother was next in line to be the King so him going missing don't cause too much damage. The ring he wears is a constant reminder of his past a prince. While running far enough away he passed out from exhaustion. He was awoken in a new place someone had taken him away but had left him off somewhere different. He was left in what he learned to be the country of Fiore thousands of miles from his kingdom. Thankful the money his kingdom and this country used were the same he traveled and began training to fight if the assassins ever found him. It is 7 years later and Haruka is 12 while he training out in the forest he sees a ghostly figure spying from the tree line. Grabbing his sword from his back he begins to cautiously walk towards the figure. Confronting the figure he learns that her name is Keiko. Keiko trained Haruka in magic known as Arcane Magic. For the next 5 years, Keiko trained Haruka but sadly her time in the world faded causing her to vanish. He now just travels from place to place doing odd jobs for money. During his travels, he ran into a griffin that has joined him as a traveling companion. The griffin is naturally small enough to sit on his shoulder, but when Haruka adds magic to him he grows big enough to ride. He is still scared is past is gonna come back and find him but is less scared now that he knows magic.


Parents: Unnamed, Deceased

Relatives: Older Brother


Favorite Season: Spring

Favorite Time of Day: Night

Magic and Combat Information

Magic Name: Arcane Magic

Magic Type: Unknown, Lost

Magic Techniques:

“Embodiment” Gives life to inanimate thing
“Arcane: Bind” For a short time bind a soul to a nonliving body
“Energy Create” Works the same as Make magic except works with Magically Energy
“Pyro and Fulgurkinesis” Mastery over Fire and Lightning
“Arcane: Door” Teleportation
“Arcane Wave: Shadow” Creates a wave of shadows when swinging his sword
“Arcane: Forbidden Spell: Aether Possession: Hermes”: Having mastered Arcane Magic a god made itself known, The messenger God Hermes took an interest in Haruka offering help in the form of this spell.

Strengths: Extreme Durability, Expert at Hand-to-Hand combat and Swordplay, Inhuman Speeds, and Keen Intellect.

Power levels:

Physical Attack Power: 5/5

Magical Attack Power: 5/5

Defensive Power: 4/5

Speed: 6/5

Intelligence: 5/5
7/24/2015 c11 1Deathwatch 45
Hey man. If you want you could Jack in this fic as well. I do t mind. You could tone down his power to if he's to strong or something for this fic. Anyway keep up the great work. Can't wait for the sequel .
7/24/2015 c11 Lewamus Prime 2021
Name:Kaos Seinaruyami



Magic:Black Dragon slayer,requip ,Teleport magic and body possessed magic

Appearance:milk skin, but and some muscle built a little with some six pack, with yellow eyes and crimson spiky hair a bit long reach to his back,His face is angular and considered by the girls as handsome or cute when he smile or title his head of has two sets of teeth fangs like and possessed a wonderful smile of an angel or a great nice guy or a fearless and fearsome. One set looks like a normal human's, while the other is retractable and are shark teeth (mainly used to scare opponents)

His clothes:a black pants, a red belt with a yellow buckle, an orange straitjacket which the sleeve been torn out to make it look like a t-shirt, a gray vest with the collar up and black leather gloves with a red spike on it and his shoes were black on the bottom and yellow on the top along
with dark red lines and lastly he was wearing a red fur cape

personality::he is can be sometime a gooffball,Crazy then Nastu , modest. He makes people laugh at his actions or jokes. He is a heroic person with good intentions. also a personality of a six year old but not a brat he have a hothead temper problem

his split personality disorder the only way for his second personality that someone insult him to far, calling someone weak and torture friends and been hit in the head to far,someone dying,he'll have his hair become hair spikes upward,His smile also becomes that of a psychopathic killer, his eyes have black circles around them.
Koas have a multiple personality disorder only two,

his second split personality is: he is really is craziest of them all more crazy then nastu,even sadisct , aggressive , to speak of punishment. he finds the utmost joy lies in torturing others and hearing them scream When witnessing other people in pain, or getting excited by imagining them in pain, he has a tendency to laugh like a maniac or even going to as far as to claim whilst a big smile(like the joker)that hearing the word "stop" excites him and still temper problem but he still wanted to strike fear and make them laugh to death to all evil dark mages to suffer of their crimes by make them fear ,laugh to death and enjoy hurting the evil with no regret also sometime he killed them but sometime he don't but he still have the sense of humor of a comedy , kind heart and funny only to good people even he crazy he can't stop laughing sometime)

Likes:family,friends,Root Beer, Teasing, foods, music, having fun,sleep,train and hang out

Dislikes:His second personality go out of control,Acnologia,Dark mage,Perverts,Veggies(sometime), heartless jerks, bullies, people who hurt or insult his friends or family, being push around, someone doing something stupid,someone ruining his root beer, people who lied to someone and used someone as a weapons,Arrogent Power Hungry People, Innocent People hurt or killed,slaves and cocky

Story:Once he was a kid, he liv in a far away hometown with his mom and dad also his two little sister name Nana and Mana who are twins then at night time a group of Dark mages attack Koas 's hometown and his pants to told him to watch the twins to get in safe but when ran into a group of dark mage he did try to fight them but when a ire fall down hit the twins that killed them(Not cause soon they still alive) and when Koas saw his two little sister died by his own eyes even saw his mom got rape and killed same to his dad as well by a dark mage,they took Koas to their guild to experiment him of torture by torture, suffering, pain and punishment, they put a strong demon healing factor which they inject him with it so they can control him o make him as a Koas cannot take it and remember the horror those dark mage did his people, town, sibling and parents so he unleashed a pure rage with a brutal fight then broke out of the guild and live in a forest alone of a lone wolf. two month he unlocked a magic of Teleport magic ,body possessed magic but have a hard time doing his requip magic then he heard a fearless roar of a dragon the he meet Koas was a little scared but the dragon saw Koas 's eyes full of darkness, rage ,pain ,Hate and loneliness so he offer Koas two choices, at Acnologia Raised kaos as a foster Dragon to adopt him or 2. He killed Koas so Koas accept the first offer. Acnologia's training give Koas a hard time since if Koas fail he give him a lot of pain to him,make him survive,train him of the black dragon slayer Acnologia went off and Koas felt free then he ready to get packed up to travel to his quest, in some town people treat Koas as a monster, outcast, nobody because he is the son of Acnologia when he show his magic,even his rag got the better when he almost attack some people,mage but when he live all alone so many years and train to control his rage even train his en he protect people from dark mage, thugs ,bandits and some people like him and when a woman name sam sapphire meet Koas who is practice his requip magic even Koas is shocked of a girl who see him as a Koas and sam talk and she teach Koas how to use requip then three weeks he finally know how to use requip and he ask her to join his travel but she said no cause she have her own destiny to go which Koas understand and do Koas will find a guild who accept him as a member or a family to see him as a person not a monster,
7/24/2015 c11 The-DARK SALAMANDER
Alex Griffincaller... :D
7/21/2015 c10 edu
7/21/2015 c2 edu
7/21/2015 c1 edu
muy interesante
5/20/2015 c10 Raikaguken
when are you starting your sequel?
5/15/2015 c6 Guest
Serves them right
5/15/2015 c4 Guest
There better be a good apology to Natsu you Fairy traitors.
5/15/2015 c10 Guest
It serves those bitches right for what they did to Natsu Fairy Tail is now pathetic.
5/16/2015 c8 3Phantom of the dawnslayes
I noticed parts of this story are very similar to another fanfiction that some one has made
4/13/2015 c1 Guest
Natsu sucks
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