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for Natsu Finds His Swords in a Mermaid

1/30/2015 c1 11Windbear
...Still waiting for that sequel... kind of an amazing story... been waiting for quite some time...
1/11/2015 c9 guest
Great story but could you finish the rest of the story I am curious of what's going to happen next
1/8/2015 c1 RockSya
When are u making the sequel.
1/4/2015 c7 1destructo08
Most of ch7 is copied from the dragons and mermaids ch19 s/10078311/19/ and there's the major fact that Wendy came out of no where and isn't there in the next line so its pretty obvious that you copied. I could go and on but since I am writing with my iPad its tiring but other than this good job
12/13/2014 c9 alex
Great story but the ending at least make a sequel to it to show what happen
12/1/2014 c9 Zecorax
This story is one of my top 10 Fairy Tail relationship fanfic.
I'd say it is top 3?
Reasoning, it has my fave pairing (Natsu x Kagura only), how OP Natsu is and how Fairy Tail regrets it all (MuHaHaHa!)
I've re-read this story like how many times? (4-5 I think)
And I've been waiting for the sequel. So please, make it. If there is no response or sequel, might as well find other stories like this.
11/16/2014 c9 will
why the fuck id pokemon in here
11/16/2014 c9 Guest
loved it!
9/16/2014 c9 78snakeboy33
I think this would be easier to read if you spaced it out some more, but aside from that, its perfectly fine.
9/15/2014 c9 2AntiNalu34575
That was...
Such an awesome ending...

9/15/2014 c9 2EllieXDreams
One of the best stories I've read!
9/8/2014 c8 Aravind
don't you think its quick for final chapter and what about zeref
9/7/2014 c8 1Serena of the Dawn
Noooo. Dont end it so soon please!
9/7/2014 c8 2EllieXDreams
Please make a sequel!
9/7/2014 c8 2AntiNalu34575
Fucking sweeeet!
I can't wait for the next chappie!
Natsu vs Achnologia!

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