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for Harry Janus Potter - Dances with his Destiny

2/24 c37 4viningc
Thank you for this entertaining story.
9/29/2023 c11 Tomatopaste710
Bro imagine the mc turns criminals into pigs for a few weeks lol
8/21/2023 c37 18IAmOutOfIdeas
The story was amazing, but could have been a trillion times better by replacing Hermione with Daphne. Or Susan. Or Tracey. Or Fleur. Or literally any other female his age (other than Ginny).
7/30/2023 c27 Guest
Chapter 27: You want to put back together a broken moon. With the tech on Harry ships it should be easy. Tracker beam the broken pieces together melt it up with some of the ships
weapons on hand and let gravity reform it.
7/28/2023 c37 Guest
good story
6/29/2023 c37 53EdTheBeast
Cute. Interesting and intriguing. Great HP/SGC/SW crossover with Battlestar Galactica.
3/17/2023 c14 Guest
You added marvel.. cosmic powers don't fit this type of story at all, way to kill your own story, a little warning at the start that this is a marvel crossover would be great, wouldn't of wasted my time If so.
3/17/2023 c11 Guest
You write Hermione as if she's some perfect women that can do no wrong, stop simping to an imagery character it's creepy.
3/16/2023 c10 Guest
He's not much of a man huh, kinda guessed it when he went for Hermione of all people.
2/14/2023 c2 abouttodrop
And dropped. The dialogue is very cringe and hermione's reaction was even more so. How obvious pairing, the fist thing a twelve year old thinks when she sees a boy is not how handsome he is.
2/14/2023 c2 abouttodrop
I'll be skipping ahead and see if he attends hogwarts. If so, dropped. What could he even learn or do there? Nothing, that's what.
2/14/2023 c1 abuduu
did he seriously create replicators? I thought he had janus's memory
2/14/2023 c1 abuduu
He goes to stasis for two days of travel :DD Impatient much? Not that I wouldn't do the same... That would be heaven in trans atlantic flights.
2/14/2023 c1 abuduu
Using terms like full stop when talking about space travel between galaxies or stars really shows how little you know of it. Speed is all relative. He came to a full stop meaning what? In relation to the stars that surround him? That wouldn't work as the stars are hurling through space much like earth circles the sun and the sun circles the center of milkyway nad milkyway itself is moving through space. There is no fullstop in space. There are simply objects traveling in different vectors and different speeds compared to others and coming to a full stop means that your direction and speed is the same as some object you see so it will appear stationary. Speed is an illusion. If a comets flies past me does it mean the comet moves faster than me or does it mean that I move faster than the comet. both and neither are as true as the other. Relative speed is the only thing that matters.
11/6/2022 c13 Erizar
Story is well written, but Harry got too much too quickly It would have been more interesting, if Harry had the knowledge (sans post-ascension) and magic, but had to build from scratch. Example: Harry manages to rig destiny to perform a jump back to the ice cave on earth or somewhere in our galaxy. He has knowledge and power, but has to build a company to gain wealth, but lacks resources on earth for space exploration, so he builds his own DHD, and uses the second gate to run a parallell but hidden program.

As his company grows and he gained trusted personel, he'd start building up on an Alpha site outside of the addresses accessible to the SGC and the Goa'uld. This would allow some agency to the Tauri, and could eventually introduce characters such as McKay as part of his Staff. I like power fantasy, but people like Stargate for the characters, and they BARELY feature in this.
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