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7/26/2014 c3 18GodzillaFollower1998
Great chapter, nice choice at putting Miki into the story.

I have one idea on who these new monsters are, they have to be a group of Meganulas.
7/25/2014 c3 11Thomas Drovin
Welcome back! I see that Godzilla's presence in the Attack on Titan world has made a BIG impact, people actually WORSHIP the King of Monsters! Monroe is only PARTLY right about Godzilla, yes indeed he IS an animal, he does kill AND survive. However...Godzilla only does that if things get in his way, like when he's attacked by all his other monster enemies back on Earth , the Titans, or humans trying to attack HIM. Once they all learn that Godzilla should be treated like a force of nature (which is either get OUT of his way or just be READY for him) they'll get on nicely.

However...Godzilla AND the Titans seem to be the least of everyone problems at the moment. I have a nasty feeling that what Yimir and Reiner have discovered may JUST be linked to what attacked and destroyed that border region. Could it be that some of the Swarm that attack Godzilla actually survived and found it's to where he is?

So many questions so few answers! See you next update for the results!

PS: Nice to see Eren standing up for people who WANT to believe in Godzilla, however I feel when he returns (And he WILL soon I'll bet) they'll learn soon learn what I said about Godzilla being a force of nature. Monroe's faith in the 'safety of the walls' will be tested, I'll bet Godzilla will treat them like the buildings he constantly knocks over in his movies. They WILL come down.

PPS: I LOVE the balance you're putting here in this story! It's fantastic! SHOULD Godzilla be a problem there is NOTHING Eren or ANY of his friends in the Corps can do as Godzilla dosen't HAVE weaknesses like the Titans. The only rule to follow would be leave Godzilla alone and he'll leave YOU alone. Keep up the great work!
7/24/2014 c2 18GodzillaFollower1998
Yo! I'm a big fan of your previous story, so I'm really glad to see that you're making a sequel!

I assume that you've seen the anime, as the characters seem more in-character this time around.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter, that and Godzilla's next meeting with Eren! Let's see if the boy will be any match for the King of the Monsters.
7/23/2014 c2 TheMeninistWraith
Muto from th
7/22/2014 c2 11Thomas Drovin
*Chuckles* Reiner and Ymir are wasting their time trying to find Godzilla's weaknesses...he dosen't HAVE any as he's indestructable and has remarkable regenarative powers! All that attacking Giant Octopus did was give Godzilla a workout on his frustrations, they're right to call Godzilla a Great Predator. However...I feel Godzilla, the Titans AND the humans going to have comapny REAL soon...whatever was watching Godzilla as well as Reiner and Ymir...MIGHT have been the creature that killed those other two in the previous chapter.

Questions and FEW answers! Update again whenever you can soon so I can find out! See you then!

PS: This will ALSO be going om ny favorites list
7/22/2014 c1 Thomas Drovin
Greetings! I see you have started a sequal to your first Godzilla/Titan story! I'll add this to my favorites list to see where this goes! From what I read...I feel that what killed Diaki and Airi was NOT a Titan OR Godzilla...perhas another creature SIMILLIAR to Godzilla sent from his world to the Titan world. The question is...IF it IS another Earth Monster...where did it come from and HOW. Next chapter to find out some answers! Onwards!
7/18/2014 c2 godzillafan1
hmm another kaiju cool was what was watching them the space creature from the first chapter? I think it was course I've been wrong before glad the next chapters will be longer and when you meant longer time did you mean you're going to take a while to come up with new ideas? that sucks oh well can't be helped I guess catch ya next chapter.
7/18/2014 c1 11Drgyen
That is the green Frankenstein clone.
7/14/2014 c1 Totong
What this terrible thing had come to this world. I hope it Eren and the gang can handle this. With or without Godzilla's help. Great sequel and hope for more. Onwards true believer, excelsior!
7/11/2014 c1 godzillafan1
I thought for sure there wasn't gonna be a sequel glad I was wrong so what was that thing? wasn't a titan and it feel out of the sky is it an alien of some kind? that's the only possible explanation I can think of well please write the next chapter very soon!
7/10/2014 c1 Guest
will there be other toho kaiju?
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